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Desc:A beautiful song.
Tags:song, Nichole337
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Comment count is 21
stars withheld until someone tells me wtf is wrong with this girl.
Frank Rizzo
beaten with an ugly tree.

is she singing or talking? Stars withheld until someone explains this to me.

She's Jewish. Duh.

No she is not sir/madam!

She's like Fred Schneider, maybe intentionally, maybe not.

Fire Marshall Bill's disease

ok so she's not retarded, just stupid and tone deaf.

and ugly.

Frank Rizzo
comments are gold, as usual.

"Kinda funny how peopel tell her to never sing again, and they say she is horirble and their cat died. If that happens then why da hell do you subscribe to her channel retards"

I enjoyed this.
As much as an Ebola sandwich.

That comment gets my approval.

One day Robert Pattinson will have a sudden black out and when he awakes this is what he will see and hear.
Hugo Gorilla
The Next Web Redemption on Tosh.0!
[laugh track]
(Tosh stares for two seconds with mouth agape while reading the cue cards)
And how about those teeth, huh? It's like someone should write a song about those!
[laugh track]

Oh god, five stars for giving me a sense that a show I've never seen is actually worse than I imagined.

It's sort of like getting a letter that describes what TV is like.

engrish muffin
WORST SONG EVER. I used to think that my personal hell was being trapped in a room with nothing but a dvd player and Ken Burn's "Baseball" but I now think it would be worse if she was there too, and wouldn't say anything unless it was in that horrid sing-song.Then I would have to choose between the tortures, forever.
Fat arms. I hate chicks with fat arms. Cmon, women, get your arms together.
its a hard to target area for ladies.

it helps if the rest of you is not also fat.

Hay Belly
Well life is good, love is great
But wait, let's masturbate!
Rodents of Unusual Size
If painfully embarrassing were the sound barrier, she just broke it.
When did kids lose all judgment? When I was her age, I NEVER would have thought to do something that put me up to so much ridicule. In fact, I spent most of my Jr High days trying to avoid the kind of embarrassment she's certainly endured because of this.
The beginning of the 20th century gave us Edith Massey.
The end gave us Nicole Threethreeseven.
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