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Desc:I swear by Azathoth's court that it's the Sci Fi/Horror movie not the pr0n site.
Category:Short Films, Horror
Tags:vore, things you don want to stick your penis in, Eel Girl, Paul Campion, whores of the deep
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Comment count is 17
I think they got the predator/prey roles reversed.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Well I guess Caprica isn't going to pay for itself...
NSFW tags?!
Autoplay warning.


Her mosquito bites were painted over.

I'm guessing Alt.Suicide.Holiday doesn't have this method listed.
I didn't know Ron Perlman had a daughter.

Whore, whore never changes.

Azathoth's court is made up of maniacs and madmen, so I aint clicking that button.
its nice to see Jocelyne Wildenstein out and about again. did she have more work done?
Ever since my first brush with vore, courtesy of PoE many a year ago, I've always thought it was about the stupidest thing.
The music is memorably awful.
Lies, lies, LIES!
I cannot wait for "whores of the deep" to become a linked tag.
punch drunk babies
Whores of the deep gets my stars

Ok, dammit, I have made myself watch it twice now and I still fail to see the point of this film, or why the scientist is supposed to want to screw a fugly mutant girl who is part gulper-eel, bathes in shit, and swallows men whole.

This thing won multiple awards? FUCK

Rev. Blackson Pollock
Every man knows that there are places where it's a bad fucking idea to put ones dingus, and anywhere near teeth like that is one of them. Self preservation should always begin at the cock.

Three for the crappy submarine sonar sounding techno, and tub of shit.

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