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Desc:Rooney admits his inferiority, fails to deliver a eulogy, and is an emotional wreck.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Andy Rooney, eulogy, Walter Cronkite, even a bastard has a heart
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Comment count is 8
Well, five stars for the disembodied hand adjusting grandpa's mic. Still watching the rest of this.

Also, lucky if they even tell you that there's a raid? How many raid warnings does Rooney think there have been in the last 50 years?
Since I worked for CBS, I've actually gotten to like Rooney, even if he did snub Ali G.
I don't think it's fair to hold Ali G against Rooney. Guy is eighty billion years old. Nobody from his generation would recognize the joke that is Ali G, however good their sense of humor.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons not to like Andy Rooney. Use them.

Refusing to go along with Ali G is legitimate; I considered Rooney to be one of the show's "winners." Losers _want_ to stop, but just keep going because they don't want a confrontation.

What about people that have a sense of humour and will play along? Are they winners or losers?

Winners. You lose by wanting to stop but failing to.

if we live that long, in the end we all just become a sad old thing that watches other old things go into the abbess while we are forced to wait our turn.
Oh stop it you old coot.

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