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Desc:ow my balls
Category:Stunts, Educational
Tags:record, Also his balls are huge, Ow my balls, high dive
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Comment count is 15
Also his balls are huge.

After he towled himself off, he ran off to his other career: jobbing in NWA.
3:50 holy shit...they would have to pry me off that tower with a crowbar
Jesus what would it take to impress Mr 7.5
That was the dude Dana tied.

He has several suits on? Several? Did I hear that right?
Syd Midnight
At terminal velocity, you hit the water so hard that if you hit it feet first it's possible for water to rocket up your asshole and injure your intestines. So you want a few extra layers of clothing covering your ass if possible.

I learned that from the Worst Case Scenario Handbook, "How To Jump Off A Bridge Into A River And Possibly Survive" chapter.

According to my calculations, he was traveling anywhere between 65 and 90 miles per hour when he hit the surface.

Also, this isn't the world's highest dive.


220ft bitches!
failed suicide attempts don't count in the fantastic world of professional high-diving

The Mothership
Males and females alike going crazy.
Jeff Fries
Well golly I'm just going to climb this space ladder in my underwear then jump off
I attempt to dive, but seem to be be floating weightlessly, having slipped the surly bonds of Earth.

"Golly! id like to put one in there."
"He knows his position."

Killer Joe
I was all "Do a flip!"
Then he did three.
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