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Desc:sizzle reel for SLINGERS, your new favorite TV show that doesn't exist yet
Category:Classic TV Clips, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Space, future, casino, gambling, slingers
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Comment count is 17
looks like Layer Cake in space = awesome

hope it gets made
Snatch, I meant Snatch...anyway

This looks awesome, but if it end up on SciFi, it will instantly suck.

Excuse me "SyFy"... P'teh...
The Townleybomb
I guess some folks just liked everything about "Ocean's Eleven" except for the fact that it was not in space.
i'd say you have bad taste but you appear to have none

Longwinded is correct.

The Townleybomb
Holy shit, someone is unenthusiastic about a nonexistent television show. SET PHAZERS FOR NERD RAGE.

Outlaws in space? With an anachronistic twist?! I've never seen anything like it!

This could easily be shit, and less easily be not shit.

I can't get around the lens-flare-o-rama-thon

Man in lab coat: I've got some bad news.

lw: What is it, Dr. The Bomb?

Townleybomb, M.D.: I'm afraid it's... nerd rage.


Dr. The Bomb is the name of my new band

fairy stars for you sir

(crosses fingers)
Please, oh great Sci Fi Gods let this be on BBC and not PSADKJFGHJKGJWEGFJEGF Channel or whatever the fuck they call it now.
The state of sci fi is shit right now, we need more of this.
So bad that we can get excited about shows that don't even exist yet.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Agreed. This is the first scifi show since Battlestar that I can get excited about.

This thing won't even load and it has 5x the comments of the Remnants video I posted. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.
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