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Desc:The latest from LilNiceWolf. As always, read the YouTube description and comments.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:music, meow, bark, LilNiceWolf, amazing lip sync
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Comment count is 16
Frank Rizzo
5 for the title
La Loco
Can I has explanation as to what is wrong with the creator of this video?

Seriously. Why are you here? This isn't lolcats.

psh who refers to jokes anyway

LilNiceWolf is the king of YT comment judo


gannandork0 (1 week ago)

wow gay

LilNiceWolf (1 week ago)

Gay? WOW!!!

Time Travel Mishap
I tried to read the description on youtube but gave up somewhere around the part where he started to forage for berries instead of going back home for food. I don't think i have ever seen a description that long before on youtube.
Syd Midnight
The strange thing is that the more you read, the saner he gets. He has a coherent story behind every video, his presentation is just amazingly weird.

j lzrd / swift idiot
This video has to have broken something by now; someone's mind, federal laws, SOMETHING HAS BEEN BROKEN by this video.
The creator's own mind, I think.

I should have known.
This is what happens when your whole country gets broadband.
still golden, lilnicewolf..

I've really got to stop second guessing myself. I saw this on YT and figured it was too out there to submit. How wrong I was...
Syd Midnight
If you submitted every good Lilnicewolf video you'd have to submit about 50 of them.

Caminante Nocturno
This is a difficult song to sing along to.

Especially the cat's lyrics.
punch drunk babies
tobituner (2 months ago) Show Hide


LilNiceWolf (2 months ago) Show Hide

You forgot to turn the sound on!
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