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Desc:Drunk dudes abuse a see-saw, pay consequences
Category:Humor, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Drunk, russia, faceplant, ouch my face
Submitted:Magical Man from Happy-Land
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Comment count is 12
wait for it....

(upvoted this based on preloader alone, does not disappoint)
The Townleybomb
This is actually an educational segment from Russian Sesame Street.
"Throw cups at our military, and we will destroy EVERYONE'S faces!'

I'm glad I didn't read the tags first.
Menudo con queso
Dra da da da, da dunh dunh! Perfect mouth music timing.
Time Travel Mishap
The "music" really makes this video

HP Lovesauce
I'm guessing the designer of that see-saw is not a big 'people' person. The skill set at work here is likely better suited for capital punishment or torture.
I just think the designer didn't anticipate drunk Russians.

HP Lovesauce
Yeah, but look at the angle of that monster! Now try to remember back when you were a kid on a see-saw.

The two tricks were:

(1) Jumping off so the other kid drops to the ground.
(2) Lifting your feet on the way down so the the jolt flips on the way up ass over tea kettle.

Now look at the kid in pink and imagine her on the high-side of that death trap.

....in Soviet Russia, see-saws YOU...
Da ratdat-da rada dat-da!
I was fearing the worse for that kid.
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