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Desc:From Sonny Chiba's magnum opus, Invasion of the Neptune Men. Perhaps the first ever filmed WTF Japan
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Mst3k, Hitler, sonny chiba, WTF Japan, Neptune Men
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*crying Hitler*
I'm pretty sure this is a dupe. BUT IT'S THE GREATEST DUPE EVER.

In fact, this site could just be dupes of this video and I would still five them all.
I didn't find it under Hitler, so if it is a dupe, it needed WAY better tags

it was included in a compilation of similar "what" moments from MST3k but is clipped shorter

Syd Midnight
It was my submission, "Top 10 Mike-Era WTF Moments". This was #1. So it's not really a dupe and deserves your stars.

This video says a lot of things about Japan.

As usual, none of those things is good.
The uncut version of "Neptune Men" apparently featured a lot more actual footage taken from WWII bombing raids, including footage from an A-Bomb detonation and the MST3K crew was somewhat appalled. As Kevin Murphy put it: "To glibly summon the darkest shadows of our century because one has run out of models to blow up is to stoop to Schumacherian levels of banality."
This contains a surprising amount of hilarity.
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