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Desc:Part cat, part scorpion
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, scorpion, CATegory
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Comment count is 14
He's a brave man to risk the sting of the mighty scorpion kitty.
La Loco
Can I has attack tail?

you can has try again because that wasn't funny

Wow, this is just WEIRD. I haven't ever seen a cat do that before.
I always knew cats had pincers somewhere.
Caminante Nocturno
Get over here nya~!
It's all fun and games until an actual stinger sprouts from the end of the tail. Then it's a night of terror.

SyFy Original Pictures presents "Scorpicat".
That's what you get for naming him Tigger for christ's sakes.
The Townleybomb
I love how vaguely aware Tigger is that his tail is doing anything at all.
The tail is just trying to be a good tail by defending its owner.

Innocent Bystander
K I T T Y Y Y ! ! !
I want Richard Dawkins to explain this video to me, including sweet words about how we'll never have to deal with sabre toothed scorpion cat genes in a future ice age because nature isn't that big of a dick. Then he could make me some hot chocolate.
Sean Robinson
His top? Pure rubber.

His bottom, though?

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