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Desc:Inexplicable editing
Category:Religious, Fashion
Tags:Jesus, why the terrorists hate us, guido, The Holy Land Experience, Christian Disneyland
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Comment count is 21
This is in Orlando? I must go there to see if it's more grandiosely embarrassing than the Creation Museum. Looks less expensive.
It's about 35 dollars per person to get in, so it's not exactly cheap. Because they offer exactly one day per year of free admission (this year it was a Tuesday, and traffic was literally shut down for miles--more people were waiting to get in than the park could accommodate about two hours BEFORE it even opened) they are completely tax exempt as a church.

I meant cheap as in construction cost. I expect the price to be there to be astronomical. Two of us spent a shameful amount of cash to experience the Creation Museum and all its wonders.

Menudo con queso
Five stars because religion has the same price mark-up as porn.

I think it looks cheap because everything is make out of mud.

Johnny Madhouse
The huge model of Jerusalem makes me want to reenact the making of Godzilla. Not out of any anti-Christian sentiment, but because it would be rad as shit.
Those are some beuootiful gospitality ties indeed.
Where do they burn the pagans?

damn! lookit those URNS
Persephone S. Tight
You think those urns are real?

Adham Nu'man
Oh yeah, I'm going.
Buy it out and retool it as "Assassin's Creed Land"
I learned that Jerusalem looked like a level of Serious Sam.

Persephone S. Tight
Oh, my god. They stole this from For Richer or Poorer.
Can't wait until word gets out that the place is hella boring so it closes. No holy rollercoasters? Lame.
But you can get a Goliath Burger at the cafeteria! If it's the same Holy Land I saw another vid about. Anyway, who needs roller coasters when you can see a gory re-enactment of the crucifiction?

I want to go on that day. I want to eat cotton candy while wearing Mickey ears while Jesus is sacrificed.

why din't they put a proper door on his tomb? Why does his tomb need a tiny window? so many questions...

When the guidos become a side event to the horror they are touring, you know you have seen the true face of evil.
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