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Desc:The sad thing is he probably gets these everyday.
Tags:jhonen vasquez, invader zim, angry email, insane fans, NY comic con
Submitted:Macho Nacho
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Comment count is 17
It's so easy to hate Jhonen, but then I realize the man is cursed with fans like this, who he will never fully escape, and it's clear to me that he's suffered enough.
Yes. He doesn't need the added weight of Xenocide hating him.

My hate is like a tidal wave. My love is like the tide. That warmth you feel within yourself is cause I've crawled inside.

It's so easy to hate Jhonen
before i mustered up the energy to google him, i seriously thought he was a hermaphrodite and was campaigning for dbl-sex-organed ppl.
Wow. Aren't you a big pile of special.

You can't be bothered to type "double" OR "people"?

it's funny because he's

5 stars for mexican workforce productivity
He was at the Seattle Comicon a few years ago. The line of chubby goth girls and scrawny goth boys stretched around half the entire convention hall.
I was there, and I was the dead last of that line. We chatted for about half an hour. He is actually a genuinely, amazingly nice guy, with a very interesting wit, and he is truly cursed by the people who "love" him.

He reminded me rather heavily of an asexual Robert Crumb. I kind of wonder what his family life was like to result in the stuff he writes.

I too have met him and got to ask him a few questions. Really nice, normal-seeming guy with lots of bizarre ideas and an aversion to the more insane pockets of his fanbase.

Apparently when they were doing Invader Zim, he took photos of all the folks on the staff and photoshopped them to look like hideous monsters. Everyone proudly displayed their pictures in their workstations, until Nickelodeon began offering tours of the studios and started receiving complaints that the scary pictures were making kids cry.

Annoying laughter.
a flaming monkey
It was annoying. There was nothing funny about what he was saying. The people in the audience are obviously his fans, and have probably emailed similar shit to him, so I don't know why they're laughing.

My god, he's Dib.
Not doing it for me, one less star than usual because of crap audio.
Frank Rizzo
who is this extra chromosomed girl and why should I care about her?
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