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Desc:Rambunctious milf explains the effects of porn on society in an intellectual setting. NSFW Audio.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:sex, Love, porn, TED, milf
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Comment count is 41
Kids, even stupid ones, understand that movies aren't real, but having been the slightly older, more worldly guy on a college campus, I can testify that there are indeed young men who believe porn is educational, and I have no idea why this is so.
maybe parents not talking about the birds and the bees


maybe parents using porn to talk about the birds and the bees

a flaming monkey
well, porn is acting. I assume it's scripted in some sort of way, and it's misleading in many regards... but it does feature people having real sex. They actually are going into each other and crap. So it's not exactly 'fake' like a fictional movie.
I would argue that porn is actually very educational. It teaches us that men and women will degrade themselves, often to horrid extremes, for money. It teaches us what pornographers wish sex was actually like. It teaches us that women fake orgasms all the damn time. Oh fuck it, who cares?

That was basically just a 4 1/2 minute long personal ad.
The subtext there was, "Any men in their 20s who want to go fuc... er, make love later, my dressing room is down the hall on the right."
... and click the ads on my website!

Cindy Gallop
And total bummer, it didn't work :)

I don't want to either but I really had no way of describing her.

i mean, if you really wanted to imply her purpose is as a fuck object, you could have also used 'walking vagina'.

Oh look at Billie all concerned that we treat women like people on a website about watching cats

I'm not really sure what my point was. Was it to make fun of BJB? The rest of us? I have no idea. That's the kind of world we live in.

well i suppose given that insight, you could have called her a 'camonk is a dumb butt'

wait a sec, you totally just ator-ed

Sophisticated British Lady with a bob hairdo and propensity for younger dick.

no less objectifying, but ten times as fun.


I think we're getting somewhere.

A "dumb butt"? Sir! We are now at war!

wtf japan
Cougar. Cougar is the word you are looking for.

You know what, Cindy? Fuck you.

In the beginning of your seminar, you proudly announce that you, as a rule, have sex with men who are considerably younger than you. And in saying so, you go on to explain that you don't see these men as equals, but feeling as though it's your duty as a sophisticated woman to "educate" the men of the world, as if you are the Earth's madam with the Refinement Vagina.

Your problem then, further, is that the men who you try to dominate in your conquests have inclinations which you find degrading, which you then chalk up to pornography watching.

And so your solution to this problem is to launch a website with such helpful and informative tidbits as "some women like cum on their faces, while others don't" and "some women shave their pubes but others do not."

You're a victimizer and a control freak, and you're also not very bright if you didn't realize that wearing huge, dangly, clacky earrings might pick up on your headset microphone and add another level of unplesantness to your lecture.
Refinement Vagina will be the name of my new band

Sick Man
Yeah, and that web site looks terrible. Way to zazz things up with the "Aqua button" treatment.

You know what, citrusmirakel? Fuck you.

In the beginning of your harangue, you try to make a point, but fail in doing so, as your second sentence grammatically doesn't follow. The usage of "but" suggests a contrasting subordinate clause, while your I-N-G verbal, "feeling," begins a summative modifier, meaning your second clause actually summarizes the first clause, not contrasts it.

However, the real issues with your "critique" is that it, in essence, finds fault with Gallop for 1) having moral standard, and 2) for starting a conversation about situations that conflict with this standard.

In conclusion oink-arf-shit-piss-balls-give-me-more-cat-videos. Or to put it another way, fart.

God her website is so bad. There are only two features. The main page with completely useless and therefore hilarious explanations about how "in porn, everyone like getting spit on" while in the real world "some like it, some don't". Which is hilarious, because its not true that all porn does the things she says - lots of it has no cum on faces, or anal sex, or spitting. Some of it does, some of it doesn't (just like real world preferences!). The second feature is the big Buy T-Shirt page. And then there is the solicitations for 'investors' to contact her for more money to develop the site. Who the hell does she think she is? How did she get on TED? Did she just crash the party there and no one had the inclination to remove her from the stage?



porn feels good to my penis

To citrusmirakel:

Man, who does this cunt think she is? Telling men what she does and does not like in bed, what a fucking controlling hag. And having preferences for a certain type of man? BITCH.

I suggest we gang rape some sense into her, and then cum on her face.

In response to the video, she's not really saying anything new...but that doesn't mean it's not worth saying again. A lot of people do treat porn as sexual education. I can't count how many guys have told me that they are better lovers because of porn. In my personal experiences, the more into porn a guy is is inversely related to how good he is in bed.

Cindy Gallop
@citrusmirakel + all:

Guys - I appreciate all of your comments and feedback. Just to clarify a few things:

- as I state clearly in my talk, I am pro-porn, so I am not objecting to porn at all
- as GlennorGlennda rightly identifies, my concern is with the fact that society's general incapability of talking openly and honestly about sex doesn't provide any kind of real-world counterpoint to porn
- I won't be wearing those earrings to do public speaking again :)
- my comment about 'reeducation' was a deliberate joke and came across to the live audience as such (which is why you can hear them laughing) but I've subsequently realized from a number of similar comments that it doesn't come through in the right way on video
- I began dating younger men because they approached me. I am extremely selective about whom I date, and as a result date only really lovely younger men, whom I absolutely see as equals
- I do believe that we should all feel free to express to our sexual partners what we do and don't like in bed - if that makes me a fucking controlling hag, then so be it :) (Although I can't believe you honestly think everyone should keep their mouths shut and go with the flow regardless of whether they like it or not?!) We all get vulnerable when we get naked; we all want to please our partners; we can find it surprisingly difficult to talk about what turns us on and what doesn't, because we are terrified of hurting the other person's feelings/putting them off us/derailing the entire encounter. MakeLoveNotPorn is designed to help people feel able to talk about what they do and don't like more openly, and the many emails I receive from a total cross-section of people - young/old, male/female, all around the world, some extremely moving - express appreciation of this
- come/cum can be spelt both ways :)
- I put the site up on no money, because it was something I felt strongly about and wanted to do something about, which is why it is so basic. The reaction to it has been so widespread and positive that I am planning to develop it in some specific ways, for which I have been looking for funding - this is not my main venture (that's www.ifwerantheworld.com), and so unfortunately I can't dedicate too much time and resources to it despite the many people who have written to me wanting to see it taken forward

Please do email me at cindy@cindygallop.com if any of you would like to discuss this, or even rail at me, further :)

I would *love* to rail you.

poorwill@gmail.com ^_-

What a control freak. I bet she makes her child fuck slaves call her "mum."
Cindy Gallop

Um - no. Biggest turn-off I can possibly imagine - I'm not into incest :)

How about having sex with a dead skinned rabbit? There, now you can imagine an even bigger turn-off than incest. You're welcome!

The ongoing intellectual arguments surrounding Porn are so burdened with personal agenda that they all only seem to have two things in common - they're rarely actual arguments, and they're almost never intellectual.
you should have a PornOnTheCob alt

whatever. i'm pro love-porn
Glenn or Glennda
I like her.

What struck me as true about her argument is that the real problem isn't that porn exists so much as that porn exists in an informational vacuum, thanks to abstainence-only education. I read an article by Susie Bright a while back, and she says that the college students she speaks to now are shockingly ignorant, compared to a generation ago. Less and less education, more and more porn-- this is a recipe for lots and lots of bad sex. Maybe kids understand that porn is not real, but when they don't know what is real, they really have nothing else to go on.

Now,what she's really doing isn't so much objecting to porn as criticizing it, (is pornography somehow above criticism?) and using that critique as the starting point for a broader more inclusive discussion, helping kids to understand that there other ways. I don't see how this can be a bad thing.

Midnight Man
Dara O' Briain did it better
Shes not hot and shes not making any sense. Some people have sex like porn and some do not. She is creating some world in her mind where people are incapable of communicating their sexual preferences in relationships. Her website is horrible and I have no idea what its practical application is. Are women supposed to go to this site to confirm that "some women have hair down there and others shave" ? Why is she at TED?
What style! What class! The girl with the vagina made of glass!
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