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Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:Ultima, EA, Lord British, Get up, Get on up
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Comment count is 12
More fun with killing Lord British : http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=181917
The Ultima Online incident was a classic.

Bitch had it coming. Acting all high and mighty with his huge beard.
I think it was Ultima 5 or 6 where there was what I assume was some sort of in-joke where you could take anything in Castle British you wanted, but if you touched the fork at Lord British's setting at the dining table, he unleashed his fury upon you.
6. The only way I could find to kill him in that game was to hit him with a glass sword while he was sleeping. Oddly, it had no effect on the ending.

The ultima online incident is a thing of beauty. As a rule I believe all MMORPGs are gay and got garried to a may, but the public assasination of Richard Garriot's avatar, especially in the manner that it happened, was truly admirable.

The guy was a theif, rooting around in the backpacks of the characters around him, and finds some kind of fire spell. I dont know if just any mage could have done the same thing from his own spell list, or if by pickpocketing he somehow circumvented a "no weapons" policy surrounding the speech.
Apparently for our lord it was no laughing matter, didn't the guy get lifetime banned?

Which, you know, at this point has got to STING.

There was a command that made Lord British invulnerable, but a server reboot or something failed to turn it on.

I like how, unsatisfied with his first try, Lord British gets up and dies again -- but this time with a graceful balletic spin.
Richard Garriot is a total drama queen.

Emphasis on "queen". He's bizarrely terrified of his sexuality being made public, weirdly.

Killer Joe
"Time for a nice drink of bread. Oh! And how are things with you, avatar?"
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