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Desc:Scientology needs money. Please send ASAP.
Category:Religious, Crime
Tags:Scientology, cult, crazy youtube conspiracy theories, begging
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Xenu Xenu Xenu, I made you out of pay.

Every one of these people are going to hell.
Well, that certainly was nice of them to include that 20 seconds of black people time.
Johnny Madhouse
TERRIFYING black person time. The lady at 2:55 has really frightening teeth.

But Xenu throws a big party every weekend, and it's free!
The chick in the white shirt and big purple scarf, more of her.
Less of the slob looking douche.
Sudan no1
Too bad she has the same glassy look in her eyes. And she thinks the shrinks are out to get us.

What the hell is he saying at 1:12?

2:14 - "More little islands of sanity" makes this for me.

I really really don't understand how this is a real thing that people do. I mean, most religions have thousands of years of tradition and culture as an excuse for why its understandable for them to believe strange things. But come on... Every time I see anything about Scientology it reminds me how incredibly stupid some people can be, and how fragile and susceptible to manipulation and social pressure human psychology can be.
That's what the Romans said during the first fifty years of Christianity.

Good point. Here's another: it has the veneer of science about it. It claims to despise psychiatry, yet makes some of the same general noises.

Five stars for the most evil thing I've seen on this site to date.

Also, "The psychs have a lot of money backing them up."

I hope she's talking about psychiatrists, because your average psychologist, social worker or therapist gets paid jack shit.
Syd Midnight
They don't mean that the Psycholos have a lot of money in THIS life, they just have a lot of power in many of their lives in general. Before trying to pick apart their logic, remember that these Org members have to sign a billion-year loyalty oath.

Is this like a Windows 7 launch party?
Scrotum H. Vainglorious

5 for you.

Everyone loves a good Crusade. Yes, this was a fine PR angle for them to take.
Rum Revenge
Notice how dead every one of them sees in their eyes. Despite being hyperactively perky.
Why have I never noticed the whole Dianetics thing is a gnarly internalized version of liberalism, the liberalism of James Madison (post feudalism liberalism)?

the dead-eyed mummy in the blue dress is nancy cartwright, voice of bart simpson
God bless the French or whoever it was for outlawing this load of crap.
Awww, damn it! The cute redhead from Grounded for Life is a Scientologist?
Do they think their muddled stew of made-up words is anything but disconcerting to people outside their bubble of insanity?
"...try waking up in the morning and hating your husband...you know....hating yourself"

wtf Ron. You can do better than this, c'mon.
Son of Slam
I wonder what bit of Ron's clap-trap they used as the basis for that annoying zoom to enhance key words. They probably thought they were being subtle.
Most of the shots are slowly panning, almost every shot has a push-in, some shots have as many as 4 push-ins. FOR THAT EXTRA BIT OF REALISM JUST PAN AND ZOOM ALL THE TIME!!!1

(sorry, this is a touchy subject for me.)

Syd Midnight
If it makes you motion sick, that means you're a suppressive thetan.

It offends my artistic sensibilities. Besides I think I fully qualify as an SP.

I think I mostly just hate scientology because it makes people sound like those nutty self-help seminar types.
"go on the internet", indeed.
Big Muddy
Har-Har-Haw! Pullin the Neelix for a donation is a sick move!
Big Muddy
You gotta find a perfect building in a perfect location for hot Neelix on Bart action!
Is that Corey Feldman?
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