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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Religious
Tags:christmas, England, greeting, i dont know, stare
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Comment count is 15
After 30 seconds, I was daring myself to keep going. After 90 seconds, I was hoping for the video to screw up, so I would have won. At 120 seconds, I no longer cared for life and only wanted it to end.

Stars for emotional damage.
I was saved at :20 by terminal loading wheel. Thank you YouTube, you slow, ad-saturated, glorious, motherfucker you! Five for going no further.
As soon as the advertisement for Crohn's disease popped up, I knew I was in for something special.
Is he retarded? Or just english? I can never tell, the way they speak.
Timothy A. Bear
Some sort of rutting call.
A new family tradition.
Is this a joke or is he actually that ugly
Either way, fuck this guy for making this video, fuck boner for submitting it, and doublefuck all you assholes for 5-starring it so I'd watch it. Now I have to 5-star it so I'm not the only sap.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Fat Bastard: The Early Years.
Midnight Man
That little shit eating grin of his is fucking killing me
Damn acne, puberty awkwardness and poor hygiene... But delusion is OH SO FUNNY
This really ought to be in the "horror" category too. Perhaps we can merge "horror" with "religious"?
What makes this so weird is he hasn't figured out that the point of Christmas songs isn't to celebrate Christmas, they're for making money.

Here's some nutmeg spiced brain bleach:
He's selling the song...

what an unfortunate head
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