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Desc:When it wasn't being SERIOUS SPACE DRAMA Mass Effect had a good joke or two.
Category:Video Games
Tags:bioware, mass effect, krogan testicles, multiball, shitty writing
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Comment count is 7
Caminante Nocturno
There is not a market for Krogan grogan.
shit like this is what makes Mass Effect an awesome series.

It's not just a Guns+Generic Badguys+Future= scifi shooter. All the pointless and useless detials crammed into the game add very much to the emersion.

FUck, I spent as much time reading all the little tech article unlocks in the game as much as playing it.
This is the next best thing to Baldur's Gate 2 they have done. Shame Mass Effect 2 looks like another KotOR2 balls up.

Dragon Age is, however, a nice surprise.

Sting at the end got me.
Innocent Bystander
I also liked how the guy just blinks in awkward silence just before the stinger.

Alien talks like white human American male, talks about white human American male topic. Has white human American male target audience.
Well, when blacks and jews buy hella video games, I'm sure there's gonna be just shitloads of sci-fi aliens speaking AAVE.

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