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Desc:A very huge manchild with split personality rants
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:fanboy, no life, south park did it first
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Comment count is 23
It's people like this that caused my WOW stint to be so short, so thanks obnoxious tards.
that was supposed to be 5 stars I swear, whoops.

I'm not going to watch the video or say anything meaningful but you can have my stars.

What this guy does:

Poops in every bathroom.

Does not flush.

I'd say that's pretty much my expectation of this guy.

(You can have my stars! WoW NERD HATRED BUDDIES)

Holy shit he said his friend would play the devil's advocate and I nievely assumed that he would have an actual friend to do that with. I got kind of mad at cataclysm though because then both sides had furry races so there was no side worth playing anymore. Oh well I got bored when I hit the level cap anyway.
Talking about werewolves turns the fat man into Mickey Mouse.
this is me
Hugo Gorilla
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

And then he starts doing a character and his big punchline is "I'm going back to Everquest 2, mother fuckers!" Shut up, you lump.

Good Lord, where does one even find a Leia pin-up poster like that, let alone the sort of drink that would quiet your conscience long enough to enable its purchase.
Do like I did: be ten years old in 1983. Then you're just a kid buying a Star Wars thing.

I don't understand
His bloatee goes beyond simply defining his jawline, it is the only thing preventing his entire face from becoming part of his neck.
Sometimes I think about getting back into WoW sooner than later, then I see something like this.
The Townleybomb
I do not love World of Warcraft fuck you I am not wathcing the rest of your vidoe.
This man is clearly defying the laws of physics. Not even one of the front buttons on his shirt pops off.
Those are rivets.

I'm just amazed that a shirt with five buttons can still be a polo

I don't think Ralph Lauren makes shirts in that size. Instead of the little polo player logo, his shirt would have a little dinosaur, or drumstick.

Pterodactyl drumstick.

Spastic Avenger
My girlfriend (metaphorically) turned into this guy.
I play this damn game, and this is why there are 800 people on my ignore list.
This guy thinks he's so much funnier than he is.
By now, WoW has turned into the equivalent of Magic: the Gathering.

They still produce new content despite the fact that I'm pretty convinced only 30 people still play the game.
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