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Desc:Chris's description: Hey, Dudettes, let's play Jungle Fever! Oh!
Tags:viagra, cwc, Chris-Chan, jungle fever, rap?
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Comment count is 29

Chris-Chan will probably make his way to pussy before I will, these days. Hats off.
You must be a toddler, then. Unless there is a dating service of the mentally disabled, then I think you are gonna be fine.

By the way, good call on a link. Play simultaneously with this. I recommend it to everyone, it helps the reality go down.

Anyone can get pussy with enough money.

That has to be the most self deprecating thing I've heard anyone say here. We've had our disagreements in the past KnowFuture, but I really do hope your life is better than that.

Where is your recruitment video, Cena? Shouldn't you be in basic by now? Took my cousin less time between signing papers and being in that it's taken you between saying you did and now.

I chose one of the smaller branches so getting in takes a bit longer.

That's what she said. ZING!

Also, the doubler of this: http://tinyurl.com/yay9xm7

I can't make it through this. My sense of shame kicks in about 20 seconds in and I can't watch the rest. TO think someone actually MAKES these things that I can't tolerate watching from a safe distance....

Cena's kind of right. I have never heard anyone trash themselves as badly as KnowFuture saying this guy might see pussy first.

At this point I'm pretty much convinced that Chris-Chan is the most disgusting fucking creep in existence, and that includes child molesters and other sexual predators. There is absolutely zero chance of him ever having consensual sex unless he pays a prostitute. He has absolutely no hope of ever receiving anything resembling affection from a female. Not even a pity fuck from the biggest, nastiest, most drunken skank on the planet. Even AIDS could not make him a bigger vagina repellent than he already is.

what? did i miss something? cena are you going into some sort of military branch?

Now with added furry fetish
Not just furry but furry rape.

Since when is that new?

From the description I was hoping that he had dropped the "no black chicks" stipulation from his love quest.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Ian is a shitty rapper, the real Christian Weston Chandler is much better at it than this fat impostor.
Still better than Kanye West.

He was out of breath doing this.
So what's his heart level at now? Is it still 35 percent INTACT?
"I have a test that shows
The stock market's up in Ho's"

I've heard worse lyrics to be perfectly honest.
Kicks the shit out of Usher. Chris Chan + ebonics = amazing new era.
Rape and viagra, all into one.
Wait... Chris Chan is Colin Mochrie??

Chris Chan's own brand of insanity is gradually becoming boring. But I do like his music. He should focus on that.
Chris-chan is a troll.

That's all there is to it at this point.

I see a furry art print under his TV I think, right behind him.

Also, I wouldn't mind having no obligations besides spending my days in a room full of toys making retarded YouTube videos, even if he's not a troll.

He can always take off the Pikachu necklace, change shirts and use his real voice if he wants to get laid. Then come home and laugh at his YouTube comments and smoke a huge bowl.
you see, i really hope that chris is a troll. i really hope that this whole thing is not really happening to a person on purpose because the person is too stupid or refuses to see that he is the world's joke.

but im afriad that he really isnt.

There is far too much primary source evidence to the contrary. Was he trolling the newscasters who reported on his Sonic sweepstakes win and called him Autistic(or are they in on it too?) Was all his Sonichu stuff that he made before 2007 a long con? And what about this, http://cogsdev.110mb.com/cwcki/index.php/Hand-drawn_Nintendo_Power _magazine ?

That's his real voice.

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