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Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:zero punctuation, Yahtzee, atlus, demons souls
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Comment count is 43
a flaming monkey
I don't see how this is a good review. He played like one level and said it's too hard.
Godhand was hard, but it was an extremely rewarding game if you kept going.
It's generic fantasy. Fine; but I've never played a role-playing video game which doesn't pay some lip service to Tolkien and D&D.
I'm no fan of Yahtzee, but I do admit that sometimes he makes some good points. This one, however, was a poor effort. Maybe he's too spoiled for choice.
any game that makes you repeat an entire level every time you die is shit

Every video I've seen of this game looks amazingly boring, even by "watching other people play videogames" standard. Like the world's slowest Diablo clone.

Everyone I've heard recommend it always extols the unforgiving difficulty as its main virtue and how hardcore it is and how anyone who doesn't like it is an impure gaijin that's used to being coddled WELL NOT ANYMORE Demon Soul's is a MAN'S game that's bringing it back OLDSCHOOL. The whole thing sounds like an RPG nerd's Braid.

monkey: It's actually not generic fantasy either - it has its own distinct vibe. It's not dragon age or star ocean or some shit.

Anyway, yahtzee is stupid and unfunny. If your favourite game of all time is Silent Hill 2, you can shut the fuck up and never criticise anything.

zatojones: You are a fuckin ballerina. Real games send you back to the very beginning of the first level if you die.

No, Poorwill, real games don't punish you without reason. Demon's Souls is just a bad game created by and for nerds who think video games should be a chore, not a hobby.

Having played Atlus's previous like-styled entry, Odin Sphere, I can pretty much say that Yahtzee kind of hit the major points here:
1) The game is insanely hard
2) Eating things to heal takes 1,000,000 years and exposes you enemy attacks
3) since you can't pause the game anymore this game becomes retarded
4) Neckbeards like poorwill can go cry salty buttery tears into their massive unshaven double chins in impotent rage over the fact that a faggot weeabo game like Demon's souls is derivate fantasy (sorry, dude, it is) and I had more fun with Silent Hill 2.

Fuck, Squeamish summed it up better than I could.

Not that I've actually played DS, but every single person I know who loves it fits that exact description.

Silent Hill 2 is a fantastic game. I guess a game with actual atmosphere is like a big offense for some "true hardcore gamers".

Shit-eating ape who has actually stooped to playing fucking ODIN SPHERE calls me a fatty weeaboo neckbeard. Commit suicide, pedophile.

Riskbreaker: Silent Hill 2 is a goddamn terrible game. It plays like shit and is every bit as atmospheric as Dynasty Warriors. The puzzles are laughably bad, and the game IS NOT SCARY. It is even worse than your beloved Kojima-sama's Metal Gear Solid series and the execrable Vagrant Story.

You're right poorwill, everyone should be into old pc games, games that feel like work, or whatever the hell you're into. Games with good atmosphere or fun gameplay have no place in a real man's bedroom.

No games you like have good gameplay or atmosphere. Your comment is mystifying. Anyway, the best game of all time is Aliens vs Predator arcade so WRONG AGAIN.

ANYWAY: I don't even think Demon's Souls is all that great. It's a decent time but it's not totally amazing like you see a lot of tards say it is. I like hard games okay tho. Spelunky is awesome! If any of you fags have a problem with THAT game then booooooo.

I can only begin to wonder what's your definition of atmosphere in a game, you seem to care only about nerd-tastic game mechanics or something like that. I also love how you keep bringing Kojima when i haven't said anything about him, or even about how much i disliked Metal Gear Solid 2. But you're too busy fighting the "evil" weboo agenda that is corrupting the nation, so good luck with that.

Funny enough, i do love Aliens vs Predator arcade.

That is not NEARLY funny enough.

Caminante Nocturno
Why is poorwill acting like some kind of gigantic infant?

It was a social experiment!

If you stop looking at these as reviews you'll be much happier.

poorwill: Games being super hard and lacking saves and checkpoints is a holdover from the NES days. The reason they did that was to make the games last longer, and because saving was a difficult task.

Now we have the technology to make games fun and challenging without the need to make it hard just to spread it out further. It's like you're saying you want ninja gaiden birds to respawn over and over again until you can move the screen slightly to the right. That's what gaming's all about, frustrating NES tactics.

If the only quality that makes your game stand out is that it's retardedly difficult, then I probably don't want to play your game.

Really, I don't insist that games be hard or punishing or whatever. My second favourite game of all time is Kirby's Dreamland 3! 'Punishing' isn't *innately* bad tho - there is a right way and a wrong way to do this stuff. Arbitrary deaths, cheap hits etc suck ie. Sierra adventure games and a ton of old NES games, but 'you fail, do it again' is something it's possible to get right you know? Like, randomised elements, not being forced to repeat stretches of gameplay that are just tedious or rote etc.

This review was lackluster and boring, but the frothing nerd rage in this thread is easily five stars. If this video were the lot of you trapped in a room with boffer weapons having this argument I would have even favorited it.

He's said many times that he hates RPGs, though.

Also Atlus didn't develop Odin Sphere OR Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls is by the Kings Field/Shadow Tower faggots, which are notoriously hard (namely due to the wonky ass controls).

Fags. REAL gamers don't play any of the shit listed above.

They play Pong tournament edition, 24/7.

Real gamers just play with marbles.

a flaming monkey
I thought I'd just pop in to see how inflammatory my comment might have been. I'm really quite pleased.
I stand by my assertions. I haven't actually played this game, so I'm not actually defending it. However, no matter if the game is actually shit or not (a matter of individual opinion) this is a lazy, unbalanced review.
It makes me wonder if all of Yahtzee's gaming experience follows a similar pattern: play just enough of a game to come up with some witty, sarcastic penis comments, then put those comments into a sarcastic penis review all for the sake of internet fame.

The God of Biscuits
Real games make you start entirely over if you die.

I'm looking at you, NetHack.

Uh, you know, Atlus didn't actually develop this, and Odin Sphere is pretty different.

For what its worth, time in, time out. If you spend a lot of time trying to succeed in something, it will be all the more awesome when you do. Demon's Souls seems pretty well done.

I used to be big Yahtzee fan. And everything he says about the game is correct (though, I mean, I like it). But you know. Now he's just a guy with an accent and a hat who complains about games. He doesn't even talk fast or be funny anymore.
The game could and should have been a lot better. Fuck respawns and no saves. Also: it's next to impossible to play while drunk. (Dragon Age, which is basically the exact opposite game, is really easy but fun.)
Caminante Nocturno
Sussex is where cowpats go if they've been bad.
This one is sort of cluttered and confusing. And not in the usual Yahtzee way!

Just oversensitive I guess. Little surprised at being taken to task over some off the cuff remarks that didn't seem any worse than anything else other people were saying, tbh.
That was meant to be a blah blah blah.

Really you just reminded me of how much I hate those fucking Ninja Gaiden instantly respawning birds.

5 stars, if only for giving poorwill a conniption.
poor thing.

It made me laugh and there's nothing you can do about it.

Yahtzee sucks at videogames. +1 star for imagining his frustration.
haha yeah you breezed right though it. You stupid fucking cocksucker.

Come on not even one star for his vision of the hero with the sloped forehead, giant lips and suitcase shoved in his brain?

That's comedy.

Im a stupid fucking cocksucker because I did not have trouble with a videogame. Brilliant.

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