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Desc:World's most sincere idiot uses MSpaint\bright yellow lines to prove his point.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:masturbation, SCIENCE!, Happeh, Masturbation made his right eye close.
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Comment count is 19
At this point I would like to thank my faithful servant who takes dictation for all my smart-assed comments on this site and on POE-news.
I don't think I can sit through two hours of another two minute video. There is just two much boring for the crazy to be worth it.
Too much boring, I mean. I am under the effect of this video.

I'm memedumpster from the future, you're a retard, past-memedumpster, this video gets five stars.

If his theory were correct, I should look like an Igor.
YT Comment:

well it has been recorded tht a guy went guy looking at soft core porn for 3 seconds"

(I think he means "a guy went gay")
Timothy A. Bear
Imagine Happeh Theory videos YouTube-Doubled with anything by Devo.
He has at least three blogs dedicated to this topic: http://masterofbation.blogspot.com/

Of course, if he jacked it now and again it would probably go a long way toward curing that crazy. He and RavenGaigeSmith3 need some informative pamphlets sent to them.
Wait, it's more like 6 or 7. Do not go to happeh.com.

(it's very NSFW, obviously)

I am now convinced that all of this is fake, which makes it kind of uninteresting.

I went back and forth on this too. My current thinking is that he's too prolific and unfocused to be a troll.

I must admit, I like the idea of someone so sincere in their warnings that they don't see the effect of putting a large, black, schlong on their website about it.

Wow, you guys are still coming back to this video? I'm kind of touched. Pretty sure this guy's not a troll, for the reasons pastor noted.

his face looks just like my mothers when her bell's palsy kicked in.

That's why I use both hands!
Dammit, Happeh Theory Guy, when people lose control of one side of their body because they "had a stroke", that's not what they're talking about.
Did he learn English from Extranormal.com?
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