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Desc:A wee temper-tantrum
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:spaz, temper tantrum, the screams of the dying
Submitted:Elvis Hitler
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Comment count is 22
"AH! I won the sweepstakes! I can't believe I won! I've never won anything before! Now I will throw myself on the ground and become dead weight."
You can see the deadness in his eyes.
The most horrible thing about this is how it's obviously happened before.

Time Traveling Clown
This video should have ended with everyone slowly walking away.
well, my speakers don't work anymore. thanks.
Nor do mine.


My speakers work, but my dogs are scarred for life.

I wish I had context.
I was clued in by a Russian speaking friend. She explained that cops in Russia like to fine randomly people for nothing to supplement their income. This woman was obviously pulled over and fined for something she either did or did not do and didn't handle it well.

Woman: Arrest me!! Arrest me!!!
Officer: Give me your driver license.
Woman: I will not!

...and then she simply freaks out.

She has the Heart of a Dog

*russian lit rimshot*

Enjoy I didn't know you knew how to do that! 5 stars for Enjoy

You'd think someone just told her that her whole family simultaneously fell in a wheat thresher.
Sweet Jesus woman! Could you please act with a degree of dignity and restraint?
looks like Charles De Gaulle unzipped her pants, which set her off
Mr. Green smacks her, adjusts glasses
"Sombody had to stop her from ScEAMing!"

She was obviously trying to seduce them into letting her go with just a warning.
Dude, just... just take your ticket and drive off without her. Life will be better.
James Woods
Everyone should have just driven away before she had a chance to notice.
James Woods
speaking of doing things without taking notice...

Don't stare, it's impolite.

Where's the "what hell sounds like" tag?
I can just imagine her in a grocery store joining her children on the ground screaming for candy while the Dad pushes the cart slowly to the next aisle, hoping someone kidnaps the lot of them while his back is turned.
Women are insane.

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