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Desc:Turns out as expected
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:BAD IDEA, white people, OH FUCK
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Comment count is 11
He screamed OH FUCK like he was actually surprised.
I think he was mad the little turd didn't last until they gunned it.

he heard them, and opted for the fence

How many of these kinds of films feature someone saying, " . . . and then gun it when you get to the bottom!" -- I humbly submit that not enough do.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
I was expecting them to slam the brakes so that he smashed his face into the bumper. This is okay too.
Hay Belly
Apparently this is a "Little Indian boy" so yeah, you injure a child you're fucked. Although they could have just tossed him onto the reservation and run away and never be prosecuted yay Supreme Court ruling.
If the sled were on fire, I'd be impressed.
Alternate title: "Rednecks discover physics"
He says "OH FUCK" like they just killed a kid or something...
His neck hit the fence pretty hard.

It would be perfect if it were just a loop of the maniacal giggling then the OH FUCK.
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