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Desc:I will send my condolences to your kangaroo wife.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:TF2, soldier
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Caminante Nocturno
Fortunately, soldiers are still real easy to backstab.
Hit the showers, frenchie. Your white flag does not stop American bullets!

I only made it 2:41 in. I could go no further.
Bilbo baggins? Who's that for? The engineer? And the cupcake ones? The pyro?
B. Weed
The Bilbo ones are for the Sniper, I think. Yes, the LotR films were shot in New Zealand. You think the soldier cares?

I think "Bilbo Baggins" is for the Spy, because he disappears.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Time Travel Mishap
You can not burn me I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO COMBUST
The Soldier is the best.
you are an englishman with a dress
I made it ten seconds before yelling "goddammit there's more to life than fucking video games" at the screen.
There's also more to life than fat people doing stupid things and you give them 5 stars.

Normally TF2 clips would get 5 from me but voiceover tracks don't cut it anymore. +1 for TF2.

There are also video game clips I have thoroughly enjoyed. This one just so happened to elicit this response, which is my point. I do not feel this is a good video game clip and it inspires me to think there is more to life, which I thought I expressed by one starring it and stating that it made me yell "goddammit there's more to life than fucking video games" at the screen.

Now you've made me feel like Mojo Jojo.

Fair enough. I just thought you were 1 starring it because it was about videogames. This is definitely a bad videogame clip though.

But if people want this on here so they can come back and listen to the Soldier's domination lines, who are we to stop them.

GET A HAIRCUT HIPPY!! (just in case)
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Words cannot express how much I hate France right now.
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