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Desc:What Up With That? Tyson ad libs
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:SNL, dancing, Mike Tyson, The fat kid from Good Burger
Submitted:Glenn or Glennda
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Comment count is 21
Glenn or Glennda
And kiss my ass if you don't like! Do you hear me? Kiss my hairy white ass! Hear me? Do you? Not one of you is worth the lint on my nutsack, and you can all rot in hell forever! Am I being clear? Do you need me to speak up? Mommy? Mommmy?

-1 for how stupid this video is. -1 for you 5-ing your own submission before anyone else even comments. -1 for your inability to hit the 'reply' link. -1 for not enough guacamole on this soft taco i'm eating which is now somehow your fault.

Godard's Drinking Problem
Mike Tyson was the only interesting aspect of this shambles of humor. Roughly 5:13 of a 7:10 sketch was spent hammering home the "joke" that "singing" about mundane non-sequiturs (a feat in and of itself) is "funny." +1 star for Mike's dancing.
The funniest sketch SNL has had in months.
REALLY? because they've had a "what up with that" every episode for months.

Oh god.

Well obviously I haven't been watching for months. And now I feel even more justified in that decision.

Holy fuck, really? Does he sing the same song at the beginning every time? That took forever.

One star for evil Hulu! EVIL! EVIL! Three for the video leading me to believe there should be a pop culture version of Poe's Law.
Glenn or Glennda
Well, I agree. There's nothing else here to see but Mike Tyson dancing. I like the bit, but it's been on three times. I seem to have a tolerance for it. f you don't like it, t must seem like five minutes in hell after the second time. If you haven't seen it by now, you must hate SNL and so you don't want to see it anyway.

I submitted it as a curiosity, cause Mike Tyson dancing like Rerun is something you don't see everyday, and then I sort of gave it up for dead.

it's ok.
you can submit a steaming pile of shit and tell everybody to fuck off.
that's how it works.

I think they figure that since everything ends up on the internet anyway, repetitively beating a joke home until it stops being funny and then becomes funny again like a Youtube video is the way to go with all of their sketches.

Unfortunately, this didn't become funny again.
Glenn or Glennda
The recurring sketches are all incredibly formalized now. I like idea of the Gilley character (an opinon I am not prepared to defend) but the actual sketch is unbearable. Was it YOU sissy boy with the senile grandma? Was it YOU sarcastic kid with two broken arms? Gilley? Gilllleeeey? Over and over! Vaudeville was probably less predictable.
needs "The fat kid from Good Burger" tag.

Everything with Kenan needs "The fat kid from Good Burger" tag.
Glenn or Glennda
Done. Even if you weren't serious. I don't intend to put a lot of thought into the tags for something that may not get out of the hopper, but once it gets out, I can change them, so suggest away.
Seriously, it's the little link on the right that says "Reply"

This isn't hard

It feels like SNL has been infiltrated by Nickelodean...and I don't just mean Kenan.
How long before Danny Tamberelli is added to the cast?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Christ Jesus that was awful.
SNL: as relevant today as it was yesterday.
The hulking corpse of SNL dances for you on the television.

Why don't you like it, jerkwad?
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