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Tags:glenn beck
Submitted:Glenn or Glennda
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Comment count is 15
I'm sorry Mr. Beck but I'm not comfortable with all this talk of magic.
She wove a sweater with her Satanic wizardry. Sim sim salabim.

This dude and Larry the Cable Guy are probably the smartest men alive, honestly. Think about it.
That's what I'm saying! They have everyone right where they want them, now it's just a matter of time before they unveil their true selves.

It's not so much an unveiling as it is a palette swap.

Johnny Madhouse
Oh my. The taint of Beck's gnarled claws is now spreading through Christmas.
Everything that comes out of this man's mouth sounds insincere and hateful. Even a simple Christmas story (or a commercial for a book with one in it).
I just assume now that everything Beck says and does is covert (and overt) propaganda for the destruction of all brown people, freedom, and probably the earth itself.
Beck has absolutely mastered the art of pandering. This is but his latest expression of that mastery.
It has been an honor and a privilege to be born in an era where I may have the opportunity to witness such a master at work at his craft.

These illustrations are rendered in a style a little too similarly to Chinese communist propaganda posters. We see you Beck. You can't pull the wool over our eyes.
Five stars for making me re-read The Hockey Sweater by Roch Carrier, the only sweater-themed story that matters.
Sanest Man Alive
Goes great with Christmas Shoes:
FUCK YOU GLENN BECK! you will never ever come close to Jean Shepherd, you souless tainted man.
The McK
Glenn Beck + Sweater + Submitter's username = Five stars out of the gate.
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