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Category:News & Politics, Crime
Tags:stupid, teabaggers, honestly not racist, sexy obama delusions, multiple copyright violations
Submitted:Influence Device TIMR
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Comment count is 28
joelkazoo - 2009-12-23
"multiple copyright violations" needs to become an active tag.

mon666ster - 2009-12-23
I love that this is taped off television. The redneck couldn't even shell out to make his point without TV-PG warnings and ads for upcoming TV shows.
freedoom - 2009-12-23
2 Men, an elf, a dwarf, 4 hobbits and a wizard walk into a bar.
HankFinch - 2009-12-23
The elf says "I'll have a sex on the beach"

Zarathustra00 - 2009-12-23

I was so busy laughing at "the great stink eye of Obama" that I almost missed the TNT onscreen plugs that they were too lazy to fully crop out.
Crucifried - 2009-12-23
StanleyPain - 2009-12-23
This is so fucking terrible I can't think of anything to say other than this.
Influence Device TIMR - 2009-12-23
you should check out the rest of the videos "LimBORGtrek" has made - this one was probably the LEAST STUPID.

Udderdude - 2009-12-23
This was a pretty good movie.

Wait what?
SteamPoweredKleenex - 2009-12-23
I found it funny when the GOP made a film for one of their D.C. wank-fests during the '04 elections. They used doctored clips from "Star Wars" to re-tell the movie with the Democrats as the Empire (with Hillary as Darth Vader).

#1, it was a massive violation of copyright, and #2, they were kind of clueless about the whole thing: They were in charge. They held all three branches of government. How does that make the minority party the Empire?
Udderdude - 2009-12-23
The same way fundies screech "CHRISTIAN OPPRESSION!", when a majority of US religious people are Christians. Okay, maybe not their paticular brand of crazy fundy Christianity, but whatever.

Lurchi - 2009-12-23
more GOP/dork action:
Congratulations to Captain Picard! [Mike Potemra]

Palace sources say Patrick Stewart is about to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. It turns out he is an avid supporter of Britain’s Labour party; his support must be especially welcome in this, one of Labour’s darker hours. Coincidentally, I have over the past couple of months been watching DVDs of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show I missed completely in its run of 1987 to 1994; and I confess myself amazed that so many conservatives are fond of it. Its messages are unabashedly liberal ones of the early post-Cold War era – peace, tolerance, due process, progress (as opposed to skepticism about human perfectibility). I asked an NR colleague about it, and he speculated that the show’s appeal for conservatives lay largely in the toughness of the main character: Jean-Luc Picard was a moral hardass where the Captain Kirk of the earlier show was more of an easygoing, cheerful swashbuckler. I think there’s something to that: Patrick Stewart did indeed create, in that character, a believable and compelling portrait of ethical uprightness.

(National Review Online)
memedumpster - 2009-12-23
Star Trek the Next Generation had more conservative characters than liberal ones. Sure, the crew of the Enterprise may have seemed liberal, but they were often depicted as a minority amongst the greater conservative forces of the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Empire, the Borg, the Ferengi, and just about every other alien that graced the screen.

Glenn or Glennda - 2009-12-23
Yeah, but he was French!

pastorofmuppets - 2009-12-23
Are you saying you can tell how a trekkie votes based on which series they prefer? Be back later, I'm off to get some grant money.

petep - 2009-12-23
i like that sauron is obama but gandalf is just gandalf
IrishWhiskey - 2009-12-23
Gandalf is Glenn Beck, Gimli is Rush Limbaugh, Legolas is Sarah Palin, Arlen Specter is Gollum, and the One Ring is Acorn. And just as in the original, the orcs are black people.

futurebot - 2009-12-23
Also the eagles were eagles...OF LIBERTY!

twinkieafternoon - 2009-12-23
Freedom birds.

dbtng - 2009-12-23
Not evil; barely funny.
Lurchi - 2009-12-23
me not understand

kennydra - 2009-12-24

Glenn or Glennda - 2009-12-23
After yesterday's weepy teabagger, and the "Open wide, lib'rals!" guy, the bar for stupidity has been raised. I'll give it a three.
Man Who Fights Like Woman - 2009-12-23
Spread the wealth, suckers.
cognitivedissonance - 2009-12-24
Bilbo Baggins! I am no petty conjurer of yet more tax-and-spend liberal cronyism!
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-12-30
Because standing in a field and holding a sign was also too much work.
oogaBooga - 2010-02-27
woodenbandman - 2011-05-26
I wonder if the south will ever realize that "spreading the wealth" includes them in the "people getting wealth" category.
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