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Desc:The most terrifying thing in my life, at the age of five. Merry Christmas.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Battle, troll, CATegory, Cats Eye, little knife
Submitted:What about the Danger
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Comment count is 13
A Christmas miracle! Just last night I was telling someone about this very movie and how it terrified me when I was young. I haven't seen it since and have decided that between my fear of this this, Large Marge and the Bumble in the Rudolf stop motion I must have been king wuss in my day.
Theres nothing wrong with fearing Large Marge, but this is one of the funniest things ive ever seen.
Especially considering Frank Welker voices the cat and the troll.

I thought that troll sounded like Nibbler...

There needs to be a term for PoE'ers psychically detecting what another member is thinking about and posting it to PoETV.

It's called 'spirit homosexuality'. Steebis and What about the Danger are gay married now.

Anyway: Go kitty!

Holy shit, is this one actually based on a book? Because if it is, I may have to read it.

Just to see how FUCKING INSANE the original work is.
Hugo Gorilla
I think this part, the third story, was written just for the movie. The first two parts were based on King's short stories.

And if that cat were just a few more minutes late, we may not have had to endure the adult Drew Barrymore.

I didn't expect the cat to be that big of a dick in dispatching the nibbler-demon.
Caminante Nocturno
You didn't?

Definitely Sting's greatest contribution to film.

my cat pete looks just like that cat.
I like the Lord of the Rings music for the cat's charge into the house.
because of this movie i slept with a blanket over my nose and mouth for years
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