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Desc:Will finds his mother in bed with another man and handles it well.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:fresh prince, will smith, the moans of the dying, Carlton
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Banal Intercourse
Having never watched the show, this makes me acutely aware that acting in black sitcoms is a highly stylized skill akin to Kabuki or Oratorio or Melodrama. The bizarre feminization of the voice isn't meant to be realistic but rather a presentational cue to the audience that the character is emotionally distressed. So too is hip-hop dance required for any movement across the stage.

The live studio audience is an ersatz replacement for the real experience of seeing this scene live at The Globe or La Scala.
I always 2 star things I've never seen before!

Godard's Drinking Problem
I respect your joke so much, I will echo your two star! Infinitely funnier than anything in the video

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
This would be great played sped up or slow... regular speed? Mama No!
People WATCHED this. People considered this ENTERTAINMENT. It launched Will Smith's ACTING CAREER.
You think--maybe--that the actors aren't taking this scene very seriously?

Of course it's not serious. It's about Black People who have money and own a house! Ridonkulous!

is that Gordon from Sesame Street?
Albuquerque Halsey
Nope, checked. Roscoe Orman was on "The Wire" tho.

Carlton doesn't understand situations very well. He may well have been somewhere on the Autism spectrum.
Five for Carlton.

Caminante Nocturno
Carlton is a precious lamb.

Yep. Will Smith is gay. And I'm not saying that in a derogatory way like the kids say these days. No, I am saying that Will Smith is, in fact, homosexual.
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