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Desc:Music makes this. That, and the grooming of 8 year old boys.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:pedophiles, creepy, uncomfortable levels of sincerity, wtf nambla
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Comment count is 15
Glenn or Glennda
Is it possible that people overestimate the power of the internet as a tool for would-be child molesters vis-a-vis its power as a tool for law enforcement? It's easier for law enforcement to travel than kids. Therefore, it seems to me that law enforcement has an advantage on the internet that it doesn't have anywhere else.

Anecdotally, you hear a lot more about pedos being caught through the internet than you do about them actually finding willing kids. Anecdotal evidence proves nothing, but it means something. There's simply no other way to get pedos to freely reveal themselves to law enforcement.

If pedos have a presence on YouTube, that 's got to be a gold mine for law enforcement, and this idiot or idiots should probably STFU.

And looping that Karen Carpenter song for eight minutes is fucking deadly.
So this is your thing? A spazzy, flailing post on any video you land on? Just rambling about whatever crosses your forebrain?

Awesome. That's great.

Glenn or Glennda
Well, I suppose it is spazzy and flailing. It was pretty painful to write. I was making a point about preventing childhood sexual abuse, and I thought it was worth making, because I think it's important topic, and nobody else was saying what I thought needed to be said. It's not something that inspires me to be witty. I had the points in my head, and I covered them by rote. "Spazzy and flailing" is pretty much what it felt like to be writing it, but I covered my points.

Maybe nobody else was saying it because you got the first post.

Besides, if youtube started trying to block videos of dumb little boys & girls dancing to stripper songs for fun, and crazy scary people who want to argue they aren't crazy or wrong, then we'd be here on poetv whining that youtube is stomping freedom of speech.
Cuz really, what else would we do?
Also, Major Kudos for making a point about preventing childhood sexual abuse. As a fellow spazzy flailing commentor, I'm glad you got it out there.

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure PsychadelicWorld is a troll.
You're probably right. I just can't see somebody going on a site viewed by millions of people and just outright saying they like to fuck kids and being serious about it. But perhaps I am naive.

Also, I was on board with this video until the maker claimed that YouTube encourages pedophiles to join and submit simply because they don't delete every single video with kid a who's half-naked (which reeks of closet pedophilia btw.) Oh and they don't suspend every single account where somebody makes pedophiliac comments. I wonder if it has to do with YouTube having millions of users submitting millions of videos and making billions of comments. There's bound to be some bad apples that dont get tossed out right away, if at all. The maker sounds like yet another well-meaning but ultimately crazy moral zealot.

i support youtube because im addicted to juggalo and cat videos.
Caminante Nocturno
Perverted justice is made up largely of insane people.
Oh, you've had a lot of contact with them?

Caminante Nocturno
Knuckles is implying that I am a pedophile.

I agree that they're insane. Or at least misguided. I joined their forum and lurked for a few days. Their 'operation' goes beyond busting people in chat rooms. It turns out I draw the line at digging up personal information on people to harass them them and ruin their lives.

Wow, Quad9Damage, I think I would too. What is wrong with us?!

I appreciate your enthusiasm, but IP addresses don't work like that. Please don't ever hold a public office or anything.
Sudan no1
that's some HARD BOILED internet detective work
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