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Desc:Loon uses synth voice to make atheists out to be way more badass than they really are.
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:atheist, Richard Dawkins, sex perverts, AtheistsArePerverts, poison syringes
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Comment count is 20
Colonel Cowlung
"O, Dawkins! O, Hitler!" got me good.
Got my hopes up, thought there was some kind of Laurie Anderson reference on the way :(

There is no way this wasn't made by an atheist troll.
Glenn or Glennda
Best troll ever.

It's the same account as the old guy saying Atheists are sex perverts, although that video got taken down.

Caminante Nocturno
This is clearly fake.

Poison syringes certainly excite me
Why would an atheist love Satan? I'm confused.
James Woods
There are only two kingdoms. God's and Satan's. If you're not in God's kingdom you are automatically in Satan's. I learned that in church. I also learned that the souls of aborted babies have a special place in heaven where they all hang out together and ask people what it was like to live full lives, and I learned that homosexuality was curable and that the cure is the sacred blood of the gayest man to ever walk the planet. It was quite a Sunday!

Atheists are many things all at once. Damn can we multitask! TAKE THAT YOU STINKING SLACKER CHRISTIANS!
Caminante Nocturno
Watch our hair burn as we inhale the human sailor.
Watch out, Atheists! The evil robot family is after you!
"Life is a competition; the prize is death"
This is my new motto. That makes atheists sound like fucking assassins.
James Woods
Seriously! So, bad ass.

If you'll excuse me, i'll go make a sandwich full of razor blades and poison for some orphan.
"Satan's hot cock" is not on the list of things I'd put in my mouth, thanks.
Someone needs to invent a sandwich of this name.

This is a special kind of crazy. Definitely not your Sam's Choice brand crazy; this is top shelf premium.
poe's law strikes again

One never knows when an atheist OR a homosexual is about!
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