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Category:Science & Technology
Tags:oil, Shell, Perdido Spar, Gulf of Mexico
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"Girl I wanna drill down through yo cap rock" - R. Kelly
Also known as "The Pillager!"
The sad thing is that we have found several ultra-massive reservoirs, we can drill to them, test their productivity, but we can't actually commercially produce them because material science hasn't gone far enough, or at the very least, not on the scale that is necessary.

What's neat is that when I toured Shell's offices in New Orleans they gave us a little 3D tour of that particular structure. Every single detail down tot he nut is detailed in that 3D model.

130,000 BOE is either 130,000 barrels of oil or 780000 thousand cubic feet of gas or some combination thereof. The Shenzi field by BHPBilliton isn't as deep, uses a Tension Leg Platform, and is currently producing 120,000. It is a rather enormous amount but this field isn't the absolute bleeding edge like Blackbeard is.

http://www.shell.us/home/content/usa/aboutshell/strategy/major _projects/perdido/about/spar.html

A comparison of a TLP to a Spar. Interestingly, BP did a sister project to Shenzi called Thunderhorse that along with their Alaskin spill basically forced a change of leadership and operating policy in their corporate structure due to gross incompetence.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious

Here's the thing: we've already hit global peak oil, so any scramble for off-shore is going to be a net loss enterprise. There's absolutely no way that off-shore oil can keep up with the current oil decline rate (3-6%) a year and maintain a cost benefit.

This means energy prices are going to steadily climb, followed by another recession, then demand drops again. It's going through this "rocky plateau" as it's called until oil prices/scarcity reach a point where most of our happy motoring bullshit is just going to shut down.

Get used to walking, guys. It's coming fast and hard.

I really want this stuff to just stay in the ground, tvm. I've read about what the atmosphere was like before all that carbon was fossilised - the land was only barely habitable for giant sea scorpions. PUT IT BACK.



The Mothership
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