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Desc:Black Dynamite follows the only logical conclusion
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:Blaxploitation, Black Dynamite, batman logic
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You are made of stupid.
Comment count is 17
Riskbreaker - 2010-01-03
A bit spoilerish, this is coming on DVD/BR on February by the way.
ProfessorChaos - 2010-01-03
Glenn Beck would be proud of his logic.
MongoMcMichael - 2010-01-03
Glenn Beck is envious of his logic.

Toenails - 2010-01-03
Talk about logical plotholes!

The "785" area code for Topeka, Kansas wasn't adopted until 1996. Before that, it shared the "913" area code with the rest of northern Kansas. But, thanks to cell phones and a population explosion in Johnson County, only Kansas City and it's suburbs still retain "913".

So, I'm suppose to believe that cell phones were around in the 1970s when Black Dynamite and his friends bust a malicious effort to make their dicks small by poisoning the local brand of Malt Liquor????

I'm sorry, but I couldn't even take the movie seriously after that.
Bort - 2010-01-03
The white man just WANTS you to think that they didn't work out the new area code scheme until the 1990s. If you were paying attention on the street, you knew it was coming.

Trivia while we're discussing blaxploitation films: the old area code scheme (where all area codes were of the format [2-9][0-1][2-9]) was designed to optimize dialing on old rotary dials, where you had to spin the dial for each number, and 9 and 0 took the longest to dial. So area code "212" (the quickest code) was assigned to New York City because it was also the area code most likely to be dialed. Chicago (312) and Los Angeles (213) came next, and so on.

TheDevilsDictionary - 2010-01-03
Woooo! Way to represent, Toenails.

Sphinx - 2010-01-03
Five stars for Bort seeing through The Man's scheme.

Merzbau - 2010-01-03
Love the Batman Logic tag.

Snakes intertwinin' all AROUND that bitch
Syd Midnight - 2010-01-03

Rosebeekee - 2010-01-03
I have this book of vintage 70s fashion and beauty ads. Half way through, there's a two page spread for some hair care products called Duke that show about 20 black men with slightly different afros that have names like The Professional, The Executive, Private Eye, Watusi, and The Perfecto.

Black Dynamite is sporting The Jet Setter.
sosage - 2010-01-03
Title of book please.

Rosebeekee - 2010-01-03
70s Fashion: Vintage Fashion and Beauty Ads

ztc - 2010-01-03
I managed to answer most of these correctly.
THA SUGAH RAIN - 2010-01-03
In my mind, this was a monologue performed by Tracy Morgan.
Camonk - 2010-01-06
This movie is so good I defy you to completely encompass its goodness in your tiny white man's mind.
balistic - 2010-01-08
Great movie.
lordyam - 2012-09-12
the science dawg
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