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Desc:Everyone has guns
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Protest, Tea Party, 2nd Amendment, Violence is the answer to an election loss
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Comment count is 32
Why is it the people who hate burning the flag have no problem wearing it as clothing?
Once you wade deep enough into the righty crazy pool, you lose your sense of irony.

yeah, it was incredibly controversial when Abbie Hoffman first showed up in his American flag shirt. i've always wondered when exactly the shift happened to it being considered tasteful and patriotic to wear it as clothing.

Oddly enough, it was tasteful to wear as a bikini before it was tasteful to wear as a shirt.

Syd Midnight
When Phyllis Diller wore it mas a shirt. She meant it as nod to Hoffman, but everyone else figured that meant it was suddenly okay.

Pastor: Sadly, it is both odd and completely expected.

Maggot Brain
It's going to take lot more then lead bullets fired from Chinese guns to kill Octobama.
Yeah, this is Alamogordo alright.
OK, I've been in Alamogordo. The question for me is why did these protesters choose a tiny place in the middle of nowhere to protest and why January 2?

Teabagger types have their own weird internal logic that's usually massively symbolic to them but requires pages of explanation for everyone else.

these people are fucking nuts.
5 for total disconnection from reality.
Many of them think they will be remembered as heroes, rebels that stood against the reign of terror of hitlerbama. Songs will be written about them, with a country tune of course.

Why do so many assholes have to live in such a nice climate. If you are wondering, I see these people in there t shirts on January fricken 2nd, and I wonder if I would prefer to have these people as neighbours, or a mountain of frigid snow.
Well, most people recognize San Francisco as having the nicest climate in the country, and you know who lives there, right???

At least the snow won't accidentally shoot you.

San Francisco gets pretty fucking miserable in the winter.

The correct answer for best climate, worst people goes to L.A.

They probably just want to know what it feels like to be on the side marching down the streets holding guns, seeing as how they seem to have such a hard-on for fascists.
They aren't marching, they are freedom stepping.

"Obama administration as a whole"

Well at least he admits it. Wake me up when they're protesting something, you know, REAL, like the Afghanistan troop increases. Granted, I don't expect all of my fellow Americans to be familiar with every level of the economy or foreign policy, etc, but when "Obama doesn't support the American flag" is your main complaint, you probably should have to pass a citizenship test to stay here.
"A gun is just a tool"

A tool with the only purpose as killing something.
Hey, I built my house with guns.

It's like a butcher knife or a harpoon, or... or an alligator.

It's really just a poorly designed nail gun.

What gun banning legislation has Obama inacted?
He's a fascist socalist ni...hilist, what more do you need to know?

It doesn't matter what Obama is actually doing, all that matters is what Glenn Beck thinks he might be planning to be working towards doing. Which is the destruction of America.

Because...uhhh...he's a communist.

Buy my book.

Man Who Fights Like Woman
At what point does it stop being a protest and become a militia meeting? 500 people?

Props to the Octobama poster though.
I am curious to know what would have happened if a brown protester had shown up with a gun.

black people standing outside of voting stations in sunglasses and berets = OMG VOTER INTIMIDATION

white people marching on the government buildings with guns = PATRIOTISM

Octobama :D
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