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Artist:Flavor Flav
Desc:Endlessly talented man sings a beautiful ballad.
Category:Music Videos, Science & Technology
Tags:Flavor Flav, autotune, autotune working overtime, 6:30, iPod boombox
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Comment count is 41
Baby Finster - 2010-01-07
IS there a way to remove the autotune so we can just hear his normal horrible voice croaking out the lyrics? I'm reserving my 5th star for that video.
fluffy - 2010-01-07
There might be a way to partially recover the original performance via careful formant analysis (to figure out how much the original signal was being pitch-bent) but a performance which gets this severely autotuned probably is all over the place formant-wise to begin with, so it is pretty much a one-way process.

memedumpster - 2010-01-07
Maybe if you caught him doing this live over a wireless mic you could catch the pre-processed signal.

James Woods - 2010-01-07
Preemptive five for that inevitable video.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-08
I'm not an expert in digital signal processing, but my guess is that what'd be easier than trying to deconvolve a signal that was processed in a way where the parameters are unknown would be to give the recording engineer a turkey sandwich and sneak on his computer while he's eating it and steal the original track.

mashedtater - 2010-01-07
every time he sang "deeeeeeeeeep" i thought he was going to say

i know how what is wrong with that flavor flav house.

there are not nearly enough hand prints on the walls. i dont think they are working hard enough to recreate his natural environment.
CapnJesusHood - 2010-01-07
Watching this ridiculous little boglin reminds me of something: Why do hip hop artists always dress like M&Ms in their videos lately? Like in one scene, all yellow, in the next scene, all green, the next, all red. Somewhere there is a wardrobe van just filled with Yankees hats, every color of the candy rainbow.

jangbones - 2010-01-07

(next year everyone will dress in scottish kilts and tablecloth capes)

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-07
Why not just have a trumpet play it and have him endorse the song or something?
Konversekid - 2010-01-07
That satisfaction for a producer to somehow make money off of this must greatly surpass both the potential money they may make and their desires for aesthetically pleasing music.

a flaming monkey - 2010-01-07
ProfessorChaos - 2010-01-07
This is like a perfect storm of suck. Wow.
lucienpsinger - 2010-01-07
I love that hip hop has so readily co-opted a production trick basically popularized by Cher.
Syd Midnight - 2010-01-07
I appreciate the fact that an aging Flava Flav paid some undoubtedly semetic producer to make him sound like a white boy.

lucienpsinger - 2010-01-07
It's overdone or it's getting that way, but I can't resist myself:

fluffy - 2010-01-07
:D :D :D

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-07

memedumpster - 2010-01-07
That goat must be the pitchfork used to autotune the autotuners.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-07
On YouTube, in the related videos for the goat video, the first one is Lady Gaga.

Berlusconi - 2010-01-12
For you!

themilkshark - 2010-01-07
Reh Dogg?
abeli$con - 2010-01-07
stupid shit
dr_rock - 2010-01-07
Yes, so it deserves 5 for "stupid shit", retard.

fatatty - 2010-01-07
No dog, this shit is tite. Why you hatin?

Cleaner82 - 2010-01-07
My giant clock tells me it's time for an asskicking!

Harold Manchester - 2010-01-07
Agreed. Horrid.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-01-07
Hey guys, what are these star things above everybody's posts?

Cleaner82 - 2010-01-07
Military rank.

Harveyjames - 2010-01-07
'Yo Flav, we ever going to sell out?'
'I know that if we do we get the hell out!'

I think it's time he made good on that promise.
Testicles of Doom - 2010-01-09
What I really want to know is:

Why the fuck hasn't Chuck D stepped up and stopped this yet?

ztc - 2010-01-07
Leave this off your fuckin charts
Stopheles - 2010-01-07
For you.

Time Traveling Clown - 2010-01-07
So deliciously bad.
urbanelf - 2010-01-07
It's like I've been serenaded by a retarded robot.
chumbucket - 2010-01-07
please kids, don't smoke
Menudo con queso - 2010-01-07
So members of the NOI could turn traitor collude with the FBI to murder Malcolm X in cold blood, but no one in the S1Ws could muster enough outrage to mount a plot against Flava before this happened?

Extremely disappointing work by the First World Security force.
charmlessman - 2010-01-07
Did he just promise his woman they'd be together until one of them ended up in a Hearse?

Chancho - 2010-01-07
Flav is about 50 years old.
athodyd - 2010-01-07
At this point is it even legally considered music? He is basically a fairly sophisticated text-to-speech engine.
grep - 2010-01-07
Somebody should auto tune a speak and spell singing a song.

Raggamuffin - 2010-01-11
The world is just amazing.
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