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Desc:For the man with a REAL appetite.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:SCTV, tv dinners, steelers, joe greene
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Comment count is 19
It's all in the delivery.
The Mothership
Pale, but delicious.
The only reason they did this was to justify John Candy's crafts service budget.
Caminante Nocturno
The part at 0:42 where they try to fit their two meals onto the table makes this 5 stars.
Not even close to SCTV at their funniest and still gets a 5.
I love how they don't explain how to cook the damn thing. That's the best part for me.
Still not as big as a Hungry Man.
There are only a few SCTV clips I would give less than five stars to, and this isn't one of them.
The only thing funny about this, and it's HUGELY (pun) funny, is that they constantly keep the freezer in the shot, leaving you to wonder how the fuck?
sometime after Green lost his "Mean"
the skit should have closed with them pulling out oversized plastic cutlery
These votes are motivated entirely by nostalgia. That was not funny.
I'll give it four stars because I have no nostalgia value attached to this. These stars are because the people who made this haven't eaten as many TV dinners as I have, so didn't know that they had it turned around backwards. It's the little things that differentiate class mockery from self aware nostalgia-comedy.

Everyone knows comedy has been mastered within the last five years.

Syd Midnight
They're Canadian so when they were poor and struggling they ate Kraft dinner, not TV dinner

Well I thought it was hilarious and I've only seen a little SCTV. Aelric had it right, I think.
A bunch of corn!
5 stars for making me hungry.
This is what I will show the refugees I am housing, for entertainment. I will laugh and laugh as they try to reach into the TV and taste the food, and I will say "No, it's not real food", but they'll just keep on trying.

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