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Desc:there's no rapping dog in this one...
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Horror
Tags:Titanic, cartoon, mice, bad cartoon infinity
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Comment count is 15
WTF Italy tag.
Damn, no wonder mice eat their young.
Rodents of Unusual Size
This is one of the weirdest cartoons ever made. I was able to stand about two minutes of it. Anyone care to ruin for me why exactly the old pedo mouse claims no one actually died on the Titanic?
Having skipped to the very end, I can only report that it seems a giant octopus and a large number of whales saved the people who had no lifeboats, including the captain of the ship and delivered them all to New York. The only one who seemed to be truly lost at sea was the one eyed man who hunted whales for a living.

The film ends with the grandfather telling the children it's up to them to take up the fight against those who would hunt the noble whales for profit. Cause that's evil, ya know.

To my shock and horror, I can report this film had a sequel. What kind of movie about the Titanic has a sequel?!? Five stars for cinematic evil.

thanks Adriana Chiesa, you lousy bitch
I miss the rapping dog. Also the stupid synthesized voice was almost enough to cost this a star. Just fucking talk, you doughy losers. No, you know what? -1 for the fucking synthesized voice. I don't even care. BAM!
Agreed, fuck microsoft sam.

I give the voice a pass, especially after having seen too many videos where the idiots doing voice overs either eat the mic, won't turn off the fans or other noise sources in the background, or just don't have voices that belong in any recorded medium.

Thanks to Anonymous, I now instantly connect that voice to self-righteous internet pretension. Maybe it ain't fair, but, well, you know.

I wish I could live to see 9/11 cartoon features in about eighty years time, complete with anthropomorphic talking mice parachuting safely out of the collapsing buildings and a dastardly cat somehow linked to Al Qaeda.

Also, no-one dies.
Damnit, now I want to as well.

"September 11, Two-Thousand Fun!" featuring David Spade as the voice of the plane!

Awesome production values at 4:51.
"That's what we Brazilians can do with a soccer ball."

If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that watching a video on the internet ...
Caminante Nocturno
I can't imagine parents who would hate their children enough to show them this movie.
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