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Desc:Creepier than I remembered
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Alan Thicke, Child abuse, boner, Growing Pains, double entendre
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Comment count is 18
Not gonna do it. Too easy.
Yeah what phalsebob said.

Oh fuck it.


Hooo. The 80s, huh?
This show was even worse than I remember. No misguided 80s nostalgia from me, here.
La Loco
It's interesting seeing my adolescent social programing as an adult.
boner was my nickname is school too while GP was on.
cuz it sounds like my name.
my nickname was because of reoccuring priapisms
Talk about GROWING PAINS! ouch!

The kid nicknamed Boner in my school got the name because in middle school swim class he would go around to everyone in the pool and creepily say "I have a boner!" We would naturally flee.

Oh Kirk, how the might have fallen.
I was hoping that car would hit him at :54. =(
Yeah, if not for that moment of sentimental waving, we would have been spared adult Kirk Cameron. There is no Darwin.

Who's the bigger douche, Mike Seaver for browbeating his simpleminded friend into a lifetime of ridicule by forcing him to go by such an insulting moniker, or Kirk Cameron for probably getting all the writers responsible for this scene thrown out on the streets for daring to use language like 'dicky' and 'boner'?

p.s. 0:46 - Jim Henson's finest work
So when does Mike Seaver first encounter Orko?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Around the age of 16, but he called Orko Jesus for some reason.

That didn't explain anything!
I was unsure what was so amazingly bad about this until... the bushes.
Dicky Small
Bone Boney Boner
Koda Maja
In Mike's defense, Boner is much better than Dickie Small.
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