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Desc:Toonces meets a cat who can drive well.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:SNL, toonces, CATegory, CATastrophe
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Comment count is 21
what the fuck was that
It was a Saturday Night Live skit that, for no reason that anyone can explain, we all liked. Kind of like your average Internet meme: it starts out as something else and takes on a life of its own. (Had to click the Toonces and Spunky ping pong related video!)

La Loco
Can I has driving cat?

Hugo Gorilla
Please stop doing that, La Loco.

Syd Midnight
The deep moral behind Toonces is he can drive a car, but very badly, but people let him drive anyways because they're surprised he can do it at all. Sort of crypto-anti-affirmative-action-backlash.

Or just a funny skit. Don't go "cow trools" and read too much into a simple joke.

can we please kill la loco

he is the most bland fucking dork ever

Lauritz Melchior
It's a hell of a lot better than "Shittles: the Dancing Dog"
"I don't care if we don't have any good ideas to set up the punch line. Use bad ones, then!"

Five stars for the standard SNL sense of proportion.
Corman's Inferno
It's usually more along the lines of "Hey this is a funny idea. Stretch it out for another minute and thirty seconds so we can fill the slot on the schedule."

Fun Fact: Toonces was created by Jack "Deep Thoughts" Handey.

These stars are basically for: "Don't forget your favorite tie."
Caminante Nocturno
He chloroformed the cat.
These stars are for the scene where the cat is very obviously just sitting there being a cat, while two puppet arms extending in from off-screen prepare the "chloroform" rag right in front of him.

teenage mutant lisa turtle
That was a lot of chloroform

SNL is more awful than I recall. The extra star is for cats.
These stars are for the fact I thought Toonces skinned the other cat and wore its skin as a disguise.

I forgot these skits utilized puppets combined with real cats. Good lord.
Syd Midnight
It's so they can make Toonces scream on demand. Toonces' pre-crash facial expression is the best part.

Murphy Brown went to visit some friends and watch some cat driving videos and she brought her own cat with her, like NOBODY DOES, EVER.
This was hilarious when I was a kid for some reason. Not so much now.
I always assumed Toonces was tongue-in-cheek. Like...yeah, Hartman's gone, and by the end even he couldn't prop this show up. Enjoy, assholes.
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