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Desc:French disco interpretive dance Star Wars.
Category:Arts, Classic TV Clips
Tags:Star Wars, dance, France, darth vader, c3po
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Comment count is 19
dementomstie - 2010-01-10
This is one of the greatest things ever. I don't know if this is better than the Star Wars Dance Off that's also on here, as that IS the single greatest achievement of all man kind throughout history, but I say we petition Lucas to include this as cannon in the Star Wars universe.
Episodes 1-3: Darth Vader and C3PO have a dance fight. Prequel Trilogy fixed.
Urburos - 2010-01-10
Did I detect a bit of a charleston in all of that? I don't know whether this deserves five stars or--fuck it. Five stars. Great find.
anvill - 2010-01-10
That's why they don't serve droids in the Mos Eisley cantina: those metal bastards won't admit that the charleston is done.

Toenails - 2010-01-10
How is it that France got Lawrence Welk when he went absolutely batshit insane?

Lucky Fucking Frogs.
phalsebob - 2010-01-10
I know where this is headed. Darth Vader is clearly the top.
TeenerTot - 2010-01-10

I get the feeling nobody in France actually knew what Star Wars was about.

Lauritz Melchior - 2010-01-10
Uniformly (ahaha) awful!
snothouse - 2010-01-10
The blond host seems to know we're in for some shit.
BHWW - 2010-01-10
Star Wars is now (even) more FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS than before.
Cube - 2010-01-10
I think I have this on vinyl...

http://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Other-Galactic-Funk/dp/B00000J 2TO
memedumpster - 2010-01-10
Every time one of them flies, a part of me that was dead inside comes back to life.
Kieran27 - 2010-01-10
I finally have a single day off after a solid week of night shifts. I slept well past when I wanted to wake up, and I felt sore, grumpy, and overall just sick from the last bit of a cold.

For making me laugh and feel like dancing, I give this five stars. Heck, five death stars! It could only be topped by a chorus line of stormtroopers.
Aernaroth2 - 2010-01-10
5 Star (Wars Holiday Special)
Tuan Jim - 2010-01-10
Man, it's my 7 year old birthday party all over again.
Tuan Jim - 2010-01-11
Man, it's my first sexual experience all over again.

Tuan Jim - 2010-01-11
Man, it's my first marriage and subsequent divorce all over again.

Wonko the Sane - 2010-01-10
Japan didn't always have a monopoly on wtf
Berlusconi - 2010-01-12
0 says this video is the secret third member of Daft Punk.
Jeriko-1 - 2010-06-17
I always did say if Vader had a touch of the fabulous he'd be even MORE awesome.

Swishing around in that cloak and then crushing the shit out of his lackey's vocal cords.
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