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Desc:Ending scene and musical number from The Love Guru.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:mike myers, jessica alba, love guru
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Comment count is 23
And here I thought Bloodrayne was Kingsley's lowest point....

I love this song and I love Bollywood. I did not however love this movie. Mike Meyers sounded like the Lemur king from madagascar. 5 stars
Jessica Alba doing an Indian accent. Oh yes, you've earned these stars.
Who, how and when exactly does a hollywood executive decides to give green light to these kind of movies?
Rodents of Unusual Size
Everything about this movie is an abomination. And did NO ONE tell Mike Myers that this movie was horrible and inherently racist? Really? Has he surrounded himself with that many yes men?
Koda Maja
The answer to this is a resounding yes.

A friend of mine was an extra on this movie, and before Mike Myers entered the set, the director warned all the extras not to make eye contact with him because he WOULD have them fired. He also warned them not to attempt to speak to Myers after filming.

Mike Myers always seemed like a generally nice guy, if not a particularly talented one (It's looking more and more like Wayne's World was just a fluke). But apparently not. By my friend's account, he's just an egotistical douche that works with people that are afraid to stand up to him and tell him when something is a bad idea.

Mike Myers is the George Lucas of comedy

bingo boner

A worthwhile read: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20192175_20192181_20206354,00.html

Uhh...as horrible as this movie is, telling extras not to interact with the main talent is SOP on sets. In fact, usually no one outside the director's inner circle usually talks to the talent, and extras are the lowest possible rung in the most stratified hierarchy outside of highschool. Most extras are almost literally yanked right off the street and the last thing a 0k+ per day production needs is them constantly asking the main actor for their autograph.

Good god. Meyer's suckhilis infection has reached the tertiary stage. Someone put a bullet in that poor fucker's head.
This is Mike Myer's syphilitic wang boring through your eye-socket. Enjoy!

Is it still OK to be completely racist when it comes to Indians?
Native Americans



Remember, this was Myer's personal vision...this is the movie he wanted to make. Reflect on that.
I only threw up four times in three minutes.
i never made it to the ending. it's as bad as the rest.
Wait, does that mean he's been shitting himself since he was 12 years old?
Spit Spingola
Worst movie of the decade or of all time?
Louis Armstrong
Decade. This doesn't even come anywhere near what an abomination "Leonard Part VI" did. Oh Bill Cosby, why must you scare the lobster with butter.

Okay. Since the moment I saw the preview, all I've thought of this movie is "huh, this movie looks incredibly racist and bad." But this raises some new questions. What was the target fucking age for this heap of shit? It looks like it potentially has a titty-glimpse, which makes me think 15 year olds, but the stupid gags crammed into every corner like the cross-eyed monk with the cross-eyed cane make me think 7-10 year olds. Also, I thought Jessica Alba at least had a BIT of a conscience... Did she stay with this out of fear of what Meyers' slowly withering brain might allow him to do to her? NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE INDIAN. WHY WAS THIS MADE? Someone help. I feel small. And scared.
So Jessica Alba only has an accent while singing?
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