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Desc:A record of the exact moment Mike Myers went insane.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:dolly parton, mike myers, jessica alba, love guru
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Comment count is 27
Nobody around Mike Myers noticed how horrible this was?

Holy crap...

Rodents of Unusual Size
They did but it's one of those emperor not having any clothes and then doing impressions of Asian people things.

This was even worse than I expected.
I now have even less desire to see this movie, if that is even possible.
La Loco
Better than shrek.
almost as good as the master of disguise

There was a time when Mike Meyers could make any movie he wanted. And the movies he wanted to make were "the ones that gave him a check at the end."
New low.
Made Austin Powers seem watchable again, anyways.
The first Austin Powers was good because it was about a pathetic loser who thought he was cool, only to learn that his 'charm' was really just desperate and juvenile. The sequels were worse, in part because they forgot the whole point of the first.

Maybe the Love Guru could have been saved if someone had told Myers that he can play a character that's a crude man-child, or universally loved stud, but not both.

The Townleybomb
Why would Vern Troyer let himself get involved with a piece of crap like this?
Well last thing i saw him doing was hosting RAW, so to answer your question: a paycheck.

Smells like poopoo.
Baby Finster
Mike Meyers should have quit when he was ahead.

4 for evil, -1 for terribleness.
When has Mike Myers ever quit when he was ahead?

Killer Joe
"We need to shoot the opening again, I had a few more ideas for mugging to the camera that I wanted to try."
I don't know how to rate how awful this is, so I'm splitting the difference.
Surprisingly, watching this video with theSnake's description in mind sorta makes it. This is especially true of the flossing scenes. Still, I'm not certain how to rate it.

It's funny because he's playing a sitar and making faces and at least one of these things is something you don't usually see Myers doing!

Remember that end of Peter Sellers' life when he'd basically just make any damn movie just to pay the bills?

This is the beginning of that for Mr. Myers.
Time Travel Mishap
No, Mr. Myers cant use that excuse. He created the character. Worked on it for a long time apparently in these live shows he does up in Canada. He wrote the script. Someday he might try to claim this was just done for a paycheck but its obvious he actually thought this was a good idea.

Also splitting the difference.

Not even a citar can save this.
As hard to watch as the nightclub fire video, and just as sobering a lesson in what happens when we ignore certain rules.
I keep watching this and it keeps getting funnier five stars to me from me
Dear theSnake,

Please learn how to punctuate your sentences.


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