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Desc:All the guys love her, all the girls hate her.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:SNL, Skiing, charles barkley, hulu rage, kristen wiig
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Comment count is 27
I havent been this grossed out in a while

Who's the target audience for this? My grandparents?
What happened to you SNL?
There was only about 10 seconds of funny in there...
I got 4:22 in before i had to stop it. Whole damn thing from the crowds reactions, to the just how little the SNL cast gives a shit about anything they do anymore...just overall a bottomless well befuddlement and sad.
Isn't Kristen Wiig the one who does the swirling vortex of dread and suicidal banality that is Gilly or whatever? She might be poison for humor.

I couldn't believe they made that "Gilly Christmas Special". Only someone who was actively trying to sabotage the show, would think it a good idea to put classic SNL clips next to their very worst character.

Not to mention that there's no reason why you would use a sketch whose entire point is a drawn out, identical, repeating structure, and show it over and over for an hour. Its like having a show made entirely of knock-knock jokes. Except that every joke is the "Interrupting Cow" joke, just replaced by different animals.

Indeed she is the one that does the Gilly character, I don't think Iv ever laughed once(well intentionally anyways) at that character.

sometimes I just wish, WISH they did an artists spotlight type thing on SNL. Except focusing on characters instead the actual cast members. Every week you could spotlight one of the many run into the ground, never funny to begin with recurring characters. Id watch the fuck out of that, just to see the cast member in question(or writer) discuss in great detail the origins, and eventual creation and subsequent debut of whatever utterly embarrassing unfunny character they came up with.

Just watching them fumble about trying to justify exactly whats "funny" about the character, and what makes them memorable would be enough for me. That in itself would be funnier than any of their current skits...wow what a bummer.

I'd watch the SHIT out of that!

Is Charles Barkley drunk, or is he falling asleep out of boredom while reciting lines?

who says he can't be both?!

Robert DeNegro
Don't quit your gambling, Sir Charles!

On one hand, there's maybe a couple seconds worth of chuckles in here. On the other; Kristen Wiig's tits look pretty great.
This makes me long for "It's Pat", and I never thought I'd be saying that. I never really enjoyed Pat but at least the concept is basically sound: the tension between curiosity and not wanting to be indelicate. I have no idea what sort of tension they were shooting for in this Kristen Wiig sketch; it'd be one thing if Kristen were making them feel both lust and disgust, but everyone ends up in one camp or the other and it just fails.

Dammit, Kristen, I really want to like you. You don't do Cheri Oteri characters (nervous aggravating hyperactive women) and that is half the battle right there.
Yellow Lantern
Did you just say that Kristen Wiig DOESN'T do nervous, aggravating, hyperactive characters? Have you SEEN any of her other skits, like the woman who gets hyperactive and aggravating when planning a surprise party, or the nervous and aggravating woman who mutters one-ups at people in every conversation? She is easily the weakest link on the show right now.

Frankly, it scares the shit out of me that anyone knows as much about the current cast of SNL as you seem to.

I guess I haven't seen Kristen's more recent characters (other than Gilly); I haven't watched SNL in a couple years other than the clips that cross my path, here or elsewhere. I recall the one-up lady but she was by far the most twitchy of Kristen's characters that I saw, rating a mere 265 milliRadners of nervous energy.

I still intend to find you "Sexy Cakes" but damn if I know where it can be had.

It's interesting to see how wide a variety of responses SNL sketches get these days. We accept SNL as being somewhat of a standard by which comedy is based due to the initial cast and subsequent breakout stars from SNL. The show is only as good as the performers on it, that's been the constant over the years. It's this expectation of SNL to not only be funny, but set the bar for funny that leads to such negative feelings from a sketch show. Kristen Wiig is a wierd kind of funny, the kind of funny attractive girls go apeshit for. The jokes are not coming from a juvenile male mind, so juvenile males don't care for her, it makes sense. I think Kirsten Wiig is pretty funny, and this sketch is okay. It's by no means great, I would give it 3 stars but the multitude of feelings and reactions SNL gets makes me add a star for its polarizing effect
Yeah, juvenile males hate watching hot chicks.

Barkley is a human non sequitur.
This skit could have used a chaos dunk.

I actually thought this was really funny
Yes it is. It's Hulu and SNL so it has to be really funny in order to survive here.

Same for me as well

and the Barkley delivery

wtf japan
It's really all just the writers. If this sketch was funny at all, it was entirely due to Wiig's ability to wring a few drops of humor out of a painfully unfunny concept.
Pretty Girl Disillusionment Syndrome
Charles Barkley can't do this.
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