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Desc:Masturbator's day in court and Carl Monday is there
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Library, masturbating, Carl Monday, court
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Comment count is 17
Torture the Artist
Being caught clobbering it in the library: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE
Aubrey McFate
This is pure comedy and all, but give the kid a break
I was wondering what happened to that poor kid... does he know this video is all over teh internets?
Hay Belly
The wanking is nothing. Acting like a big fat baby with your obviously embarassed and hassled dad in the parking lot is superb.

He is "trying to rebuild his life" yet Carl Monday will do everything possible to stop him.
I still don't feel sorry for that kid
Doctor Arcane
Minus one star for not wearing a suit to court.
Concerned Citizen
3 death penalties for: publicwanking, underdressing at court, hiding behind parents. Cop gets raise.
Mr. Cooper should have dropped trou and threatened fire
Where's his OSU sweatshirt?
Is it just me or is that the friendliest sounding swear-bleeper noise in the world?
"Library Crime"? Do they have nothing else more important to fixate on?!
you know I wouldn't dislike that guy half as much if not for the mustache (reporter too)
Pie Boy
Carl Monday is a vulture in a flesh suit.
Yes. There is plenty of actual crime and corruption to look into, instead Carl Monday tries to ruin an idiot's life just because.

If there is any upside to this, it's that, if Carl Monday is known nationwide for anything, it's for harassing masturbators.

Yeah, the guy's pretty stupid for cranking one out in a damn library, but this Carl Monday fellow seems like a dick too. "Oh shit, he's escaping out the back door! Follow him!"
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