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Desc:Creepiness from an amazing surreal horror film from Iceland.
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:Iceland, kissing, bothersome man, creepy kissing
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Comment count is 9
The REAL bothersome man is the faggot talking over someone else's gobbledegook with his own gobbledegook.
Menudo con queso
oogaBooga makes a good point, although I have to give an extra star for the bearded guy showing up in basically the same costume Harry Dean Stanton was wearing in Paris, Texas.

It felt good when I fucked both of your mothers in their boring asses and then the dribble out formed into your nacreous lipidous cuneiforms.

dont try too hard

Dr Dim
From Norway, with some questionable help from what sounds like Russia.
I wasn't aware of Russian help (money laundering?). This scene, however, was filmed in the lava fields of Iceland.

For a great date afterlife double feature, pair this with "Wristcutters", an afterlife comedy put together with baling wire featuring Tom Waits.

Pungur Hfnivur
The V.O. is in Russian. Foley beard scritching and Icelandic Wallace Shawn.
Sorry about the VO watch the movie you dumb fuckers
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