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Desc:I think this trying to be 'trekkies' for dungeons and dragons people.
Tags:D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, elves
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Comment count is 13
You could have spoiled this with some very obvious tags, but you didn't. Good work.
I hope it's more about their lives and less about the stupid bullshit story in their game like Darkon was.
The only thing good about Darkon was that long montage at the end with each character standing in their living rooms in full battle gear.

I'd leave a longer comment, but I gotta shower and get ready for the 4th Edition game I'm in.
Shower? I don't believe you actually play Dungeons and Dragons.

for Hooker

4th edition?!? I don't believe you actually play Dungeons and Dragons.

I think he means: Shower so he can properly apply his battle paint. Of course, first a white base coat of paint so the others colours shine.

Pfff.... first edition is where the true DM's soul finds inspiration.

It is possible to be a troo D&D nerd without being wholly dedicated to First Ed; however, you need to be willing to killing anybody who is a fan of an edition AFTER your preference, and you need to have taken steps to have actually done so.

Most D&D fans have been cultivating a pasty white base for their whole lives.

I work late shift. Sleeping through the day cuts out most risk of sunlight exposure.

And even I don't like 4th Ed. Or any of the others, in fairness, but 4E is ridiculous.

5 stars for proper use of a Guided by Voices song
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