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Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:cereal, jimmy durante, crispy critters
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Comment count is 16
My brother who was a military buff when I was a kid but became a Navy guy served in wars and stuff told me that "crispy critters" was the slang term Vietnam combat fighters used to refer to burn victims in the Vietnam war. It destroyed this commercial for me when I was a kid.

He was right.

http://www2.iath.virginia.edu/sixties/HTML_docs/Resources/Glos sary/Sixties_Term_Gloss_A_C.html#Letter%20%27C
wtf japan
I guess he didn't get around to telling you what a "roasted peanut" was.

Crispy Critters - The Cereal that tastes like nothing

The reasoning behind this ad may seem elusive now, but kids in the 80s were wild for this shit.

I remember pestering my mom for six straight months until she finally caved in and got me Thunder Punch Jimmy Durante for my seventh birthday. What a day that was.
fine, here you go

This commercial hit at precisely the 6 months in my life wherein cereal was my entire reason for living. I assume all children go through this phase.
well, come on! I mean, free Golden book!

If I remember correctly, the cereal itself tasted like stale oyster crackers.

Catchy tune, though.

Syd Midnight
Between this and Kix I realized that "low in sugar" = "has no taste" so for the next 20 years I only liked cereal with marshmallows, because they're pure sugar.

4th grade year. This POS song was the bane of my existence. Hi my name is Christopher Paul Polo...
Caminante Nocturno
There was a two-week period where I adored this cereal. Then I saw this commercial, and that came to an abrupt end.
Jet Bin Fever
The Jimmy Durante anthropomorph really does it for me.
Oh christ I remember this.
Also, I can't remember if I ever ate the cereal or not. Either this commercial did not affect me, or eating it was so bland as to be unmemorable.

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