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Desc:I'm submitting this for the fight scene a minute and change in.
Category:Video Games, Horror
Tags:horror, fighting, saw, licensed adaptation, a punch of such brutality it staggers the mind
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lieutenant halfabeef
That's some fighting system this game has.
The foley sounds are... subpar. You sound like you're walking on wet paper, and those are obvious meat-slapper punches.
This is even crappier than the series it's a tie-in to, crappier than the crappiest movie tie-in game ever.
That can't have been as pointless as it looked. It LOOKS like that entire game was a middle finger to whoever played it.

Kinda like the movies then.

The hostility towards the audience and every character they wrote really shines through.

Spit Spingola
I would buy this game if it had those annotations.
About as good as the movies.
FALCON PUCNH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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