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Desc:Real doll owner experiences. Move onto part two for the secret origin of Buffalo Bill
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:creepy, sad, real doll
Submitted:Reverend Redglare
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The Mothership
8:25 - 8:45
DaveKat must br the most famous person who fucks a hunk of plastic, except maybe George W. Bush.
Dupe, though old one has a dead link.
That black dude isn't hideous at all. I can't imagine what horrors lie in his psyche. I couldn't get past the 2 minute mark without getting the willies, so I guess I'll neve know.
DaveKat looks dead in the eyes. I've seen this clip a few times, and always shudder at how broken he must be.
It's hard to be the only black emo in the world.

The Townleybomb
His website is here: http://www.kuroneko-chan.com/echoes/?page_id=420. Unsurprisingly, he's been unemployed for most of his adult life and he claims to have done badly at school because he was so much smarter than everyone around him!
Innocent Bystander
To be fair, most girls wont let you tear her tongue and face off every once in a while, sometimes not at all.
Five for you.

"Then we could all turn to dust together. That would be pretty nice."
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