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Desc:'Yeah alright, give me the fatty'
Category:Humor, Science & Technology
Tags:prank call, real doll, true forced loneliness, does she squeal like a pig?, Ned calls
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Comment count is 10
"Can I get one with two heads on her? That would be freaky."
The man knows what he wants: an afro wearing, half-asian half-black woman with anuses for lips and vagina with Don King pubic hair.
Don't forget the third tit. Just in case he gets crazy and cuts one off.

Yes she definitely must give head, that's very important to me. :D
For the beginning, end and everything in between.
The guy at Realdoll sounds like he has a lot of experience dealing with these kinds of calls.

It just kept getting better.
I love how the Real Doll guy gives genuine calm responses to all his questions, like they aren't at all out of the ordinary.

Good god how fucked up do you have to be to buy a 00 sex doll?
Not fucked up enough that you can't afford it. I was thinking of getting one and putting it on my couch as a sort of friends bringing their kids over scarecrow appliance.

I would want one I could program though, so I could make its head turn all the way around and talk in a Stephen Hawkings voice.

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