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Desc:remembrrr, to rett err intrru urr herrt, then uu can strrt to make it berrer berrer Berrer BERRER!
Category:Stunts, Humor
Tags:Korean, hey jude, todler, no ls, too many rs
Submitted:dr tits
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He leans into the mic to breathe.
Yes, he is the anti-Tay in so many ways.

5 Stars because he's playing the guitar for a song that clearly calls for piano accompaniment. That, and they didn't bother to give him any pants.
It says something about me that I enjoy the video even more now that I'm picturing the parents standing to the side, mocking their child for not having a piano accompaniment. I'm not sure what it says, but its probably not good.

Stars for "todler".
They start them in on English karaoke even earlier than I realized.

viral videoooos
That guitar is entirely too large.
That performing toddler is entirely just small enough.

Hey, that's damn good English for a singing Korean toddler.
Lots of the folks here in Korea can sing English songs. Damned if they know what the words mean, but they can sing them fairly clearly. This kid is what? 2 maybe? Yeah, he's probably been knocking back soju at the noraebang with his boss after work for at least a few months now.

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